OK - recommendations on cpu speakers passive

i have some vintage HI-FI gear sitting next to my Imac that i wind up using to cpu audio - not only listenting when I'm working, ubt for some critical listening when iv'e done recordings of local choirs/orchestras.

My desk has a shelf that is ear heigh and it approx 4' wide - so clearly a speaker that can image at 4' between the pair, with the listener about 3-4' back is what i need.

my preamp is a Mac C11 and i use a MC240 poweramp.
I have an apogee dac so i dont want the speaker to be the limiting factor.

I DO own a set of JBL 4311b which have been rebuilt - but my prior experience was that I was too close for them to really sing as they can.

Any thoughts on what I shoud look for?


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I ended up with single driver speakers for my PC set-up. For some reason, multi driver speakers just don't sound right at 4-5 feet. Little 4 or 5 inch drivers are great, non-fatiguing (I can listen 6-8 hours a day) and bass is not an issue.
There is a pair of Omega's listed for $250. They should be quite efficient and work great with your set-up?