OK - Now What…?

Gryphon Diablo 300
Sonus Faber Serafino Tradition 
Aurender A10 Streamer/DAC
Triode Wire Connectors
Amazon Sine-Wave Battery Back-Up
Transparent PowerBank

I sadly got rid of all my vinyl ages ago…so I’m not sure I’m ready for a high-end TT….

I am absolutely thrilled with the sound of this system. Honey - Chocolate Mouse - Chilean Sea Bass - and then Gordon Ramsey jumps out at me screaming expletives but then Mother Teresa calms him down.

Guys - What’s my next move…? 
The Amazon commercial back-up…? Better power conditioning…?

Any and all suggestions welcome…!

Thank you..!

I might get hung and quartered, but here goes.

I've never seen loudspeakers that adequately address internal reflections and have sufficient absorption to stop rear out of phase sound waves contaminating cone movement.
Patent just expired on Vandersteen aero drivers… backwave reflection is real and IF you are sensitive to time and phase ( as some are ) matters..,

a pistonic driver also matters

glad you are happy !!! Enjoy the music
1. Audition the different streaming services. They do not sound the same.
2. Reexamine your speaker placement and room acoustics.
3. Occasionally, connect a pair of lousy speakers to your system so you can remember how wonderful your system truly is. (How easily we forget.)
The silversmith fidelium cables come with a 30-day trial period not 2 weeks.
pedroeb  Internal Reflection Control is B&W's middle name.  Check out the real Nautilus, not the 800 series, although they do a great job, too.  Some people actually like the bass augmentation of non-damped internals.  I have even heard them say some wood is better than others.