ok, lets talk about set up in a home theater

this is my speakers and room and gear.
pioneer 92txh elite
b&w 804s fronts
b&w htm4s center
b&w cdm 1 rears
old cerwin Vegas 15" powered sub
room is 25' by 25'... half is home theater
no room treatments...concrete block.... commercial carpet...
fonts are bi amped. audio quest wire.

with my receiver i have pre outs for separate amps

do i use the room setup speaker from pioneer?
do i just plug in my frequency for the speakers? (on my receiver)
set the front speakers to small or large?
set my sub for the lower frequency of my front speakers?

I have been responding to you over the past weeks...contact me via my email...I can provide you my phone # and we can talk. ... or vise versa..Audiogon use to be able to have contact this way...but the new configuration does not provide this feature...cmlabrador@aol.com
Get rid of that subwoofer and replace it with something that can blend with the 804's...
I use an older Elite SC-07. Yes, use the room setup program. Set all your speakers as large. Use this as a baseline setup. You can always monkey around with different settings later on.

Personally, I'd use your CDM's as the side speakers, find another pair of used CDM's or a lesser pair of B&W's for the rears and run the full 7.1. The 7.1 matrix effect from the Elite is remarkable. The surround effect is more surrounding and the on screen dialog has better location plus its just way more fun. The few actual 7.1 titles can be stunning.

All to often one hears, "I don't need 7.1," and, "my rooms too small for 7.1." Well, you don't 'need' 5.1 either but you'll never hear of anybody going from 7.1 back to 5.1. With digital room correction no room is too small for 7.1.
I have stadium seating in my room and do not have enough room with my pool table and side speakers. or i would have to try the 7.1
Better sub or two subs that is or....... stand alone amp first????
How about chucking the whole rig for an ipod and some of them HiFi buds Apple supplies gratis?
Ear buds?
Agree with removing that subwoofer ASAP. Get a B$W sub at least.