OK I'm sold on interconnects, now speaker cable?

I just hooked up a pair of Audioquest Blue Racer interconnects from my Cambridge Audio 740 C to my Mcintosh MA 6500 and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

Much better treble, and bass, and overall a richer, fuller sound. New to all this and happy to learn.

Next question is what speaker cable to move to for the B&W 683 floorstanders within the same system. Any thoughts?


I just got a pair of Clear Day Solid Core. They only have about 20 hours on them so far and I'm really pleased with them. He is also a great guy to deal with.
I second the Clear Day Cables solid core speaker cables.
Great bang for the buck.
Heard that the Van Damme speaker cables are inexpensive but perform way beyond their price! Bryston uses these cables which says a lot! I am using Auditorium 23 SC (which cost me a bomb even tho' it was 2ndhand). Will try the Van Damme cables sometime soon!
I'd second Imin2u's statement. I have B&W 602 S3 speakers (last year's large standmounts) and have found different speaker cables - even switching from copper to silver - made little discernable difference.

I like my 602's, but I believe the 600 series B&W's are simply not resolving enough to warrant large expenditure on cabling; don't buy anything you can't return or sell!