OK I just bought Meridian 561M - please recommend

source(s) for CD and DVD playback

I was looking for a 568.1, but came across a good deal on 561M, so grabbed it.

The thing I'm confused is the source...

I need a great redbook CD play back and a good DVD play back with DVI/HDMI (no need for SACD/DVD-A)

I believe Meridian 561M is desined primarily for use with 'digital in' using it's internal DAC

I guess I can get a seperate pieces for CD and DVD,
or get a nice DVD player that can act as a good CD transport

What are the options that will match nicely with the 561M?

I'm thinking about Arcam DV79. Is this a good enough CD transport for 561M?

If I pick up Meridian 508.24 CDP, how am I supposed to connect the two? use the CDP's DAC or do the digital connection and use teh 561M's DAC?

Probably the best fit would be a Meridian 598, properly configured for the 561M.
I looked at the Meridian ones, but I don't think those have DVI/HDMI out...
i wouldn't waste my money on a fancy CD player, since you won't be using the DAC section. look for a used high end Sony or a Meridian 500. The 500's are getting a bit old though and may be near failure. A used high end Sony on the cheap is the best bet. What you really need is a CD transport. Like the 568, the 561 lacks analog pass-thru.