OK here is the challenge for you

New to Audiogon and two channel and have posted in other forums here and getting educated along the way. You folks are so knowledgeable, kind, and willing to share your knowledge and opinion I'm so appreciative. Many of you also have lots of disposable income lol.  While It is fun reading about the expensive gear and dreaming about having such a system sadly for many of us it is a fantasy.
As I scrolled down a good number of posts here in BEST OF  I did not see many if any questions raised regarding best system at a specific price point.
So here you go,the challenge is you have a small budget of just $4000+- ( not to exceed $5000) to make a couple of systems. Which by the way is what my system cost and which was a stretch for me financially and still remain married. It can be new gear or used, used gear must be purchased on or thru Audiogon at the time you write your response. You can also choose to mix new and used gear within the budget.

So for four grand make two systems comprising a source, speakers, integrated amp or preamp, power amp, or any other separates that are variations of that section of the system. Also if applicable you should including interconnects and speaker cables.
One system must be tube-based the other solid-state. You can pick just one system to develop if you like.  
The goal is therefore to try to make your 4 grand system have some reasonable ( smile making, emotionally satisfying, engaging call it what you like) degree of the following attributes,  The attributes are micro detail/detail, sound stage, imagine, nonfatiguing, can play reasonably loud ie enough for a small to medium nonlistening room, and can accommodate a wide range of music adequately. If used gear is chosen it must be reliable, age is unimportant. Used gear should be a good risk for say 5 years no issues, of course, there is no guarantee here.
  Note if one attribute is emphasized more so then the other attributes so indicate. I understand compromises must be made.  Be safe be well.
this topic has been covered at every price point......

you could sit here all day with suggestions , but you won’t have any idea of how it sounds till you sit down and listen and then changes will have to be made along the way.         what works in one system might not work in another 
OK, I'll dig around it would benefit the forum to have a keyword search. I would have thought this issue was covered but I did not see any questions presented like this.  thanks Scott
Try looking at the top of the page where it says "Search discussions" in the dialogue box
I looked I searched I found zip on anything approaching my challenge. I thought it an entertaining diversion for folks in the know and invaluable to folks like me in helping focus our search for "affordable" system(s). In hindsight, it was probably asking to much.  
I think you should try again, this time with a spreadsheet asking for systems at every price point $1k to $5k, and also for tube, SS, analog, and digital, and also for listening room, bedroom, car and RV- oh and dorm room too of course. I'm sure you will find lots of guys eager to take the time to work out what would be best in each situation and list all the details for all these different fantasies.

It has after all been done a zillion times, in spite of what your poor search results show.
My question was asked in the name of something that might be fun to do given our limited mobility caused by the pandemic ( which sadly is not going away anytime soon). But your grand idea has more utility the best of systems for various applications and at price points per the experiences of seasoned hobbyists.two charts one for tubes one for SS and lets not forget to add the attributes and compromises associated with each system. Unfortunately, I have no computer skills to develop such a chart nor desire to.but a chart that could protect the systems enter by members while allowing access to all Audiogon members to add their ideas for systems would be useful I would think. It would be a place a person could go to view various synergistic system folks in the know compiled at those price points and what to expect from them. 
Don't forget the listening room size! A 100 sq ft and a 500 sq ft room the equipment choice can be very different.
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Bluesound Node 2i - $450
Marantz HD-AMP1 - $750
Magnepan LRS - $650

The Marantz integrated (discontinued) originally sold for $1100, has a decent but older Sabre DAC on board and plenty of connection options. It's uses an older Hypex class d for amplification. (I use mine in the hot summer months in lieu of tubes.) I think it's a bargain at this price. Much has already been written about the Node 2i. It's been discounted as of late (likely at the end of its cycle). Or save yourself a few hundred bucks and find the discontinued Chromecast Audio for streaming. Much has already been written about the Maggies as well. They need some space, of course, but if your room can accommodate them you'll have a nice little system for under $2000.