ok guys get me into 200+ wpc

i asked you which amp under $1200. can I get something of at least medium or above quality with 200 or above wpc for same money? (hopefully!) thanks for all the suggestions
Innersound ESL is very good with tons of power.
I second the innersound esl. I own the new model and love it. I am sure the older models are very nice as well.
How about the Sar Labs MOS400? 200WPC and complete dual mono with two power transformers. A lot of bang for the buck and can be picked up for a really good price.
I've owned a few 200-300+wpc @8ohm amps, yet couldn't find one that did the muscle-amp thing better then a PS Audio HCA-2. It had deeper, faster and more articulate bass then any of the monster amps, played just as loud, yet was vastly more refined all around. It's only billed at 150wpc but I have yet to find any amp under 400wpc that I'd repalce it with (The JC-1's and Musician III only come to mind) The HCA-2 can be found for around $1200 used, and older Spectron amps are getting down there too, which are also a killer hi-hp amp with overall good sonics. If you have big electrostats that are under 87dB effiencint the Spectron will easily be the better choice, otherwise it's a personal preference matter, me thinks.
You might look at the Aragon 8008BB. Its rated at 200 wpc. Tons of current and people say it will drive anything.(From what ive read these were built specifically to drive tough loads) Got good reviews too. A guy just posted 2 of them today with his pallidum monos for $1200.
I second the Aragon 8008BB.
we get too hung up on watts when we should br concerned about CURRENT.
Check out Parasound. There is a dealer selling the HCA-3500 (350 watt into 8 ohms high current) for a little more than you have budgeted, otherwise look at the HCA-2002 models which are rated at 220 watts into 8 ohms. Mighty powerful and nice sounding amps for the money.
Buy an old Hafler DH500 used for about $350.00, and send it into to wwwmusicalconcepts.com Have the pa3b circuit board upgrade and a new set of lc500 power supply caps put in for about $600.00, and you will have an amp which will compete with the $2500.00 and up category!!! (The only downside is some fan noise if you listen @ low volumes)
classe ca-200, odyssey stratos or the monoblocks for a little more $$$ ($1600 right now on audiogon).
I will second the Sar Lab Mos 400.It is definitely a "giant killer"
I think there is one for sale on Audiogon right now.
I have two and no regrets.
I just noticed the guy selling his sar lab also owns the 8008bb and is keeping the aragon. You might ask him why.
Chris96..I did ask him why and his answer...quote/unquote

""I was looking for a dual-mono amp that
would match well with either an Aragon 8008BB or aragon palladium 1K's.
A friend of mine recommended this amp so I went on an internet quest to
find one. Now, I've decided to downsize and simplify. I got tired of
all the thick power cables and stuff clogging up the back of the eq rack.""

Seems to me he prefers the Aragon but in a previous email also stated he "didn't really give it a chance"....his choice.
All the suggestions above are interesting choices and I wouldn't question either of them.
Thats the trouble with the audio market,if you are a small independant ,with an exellent product, usually you can't afford to spread "big bucks" around for advertisement.
But that disadvantage ,for the small independant,becomes our advantage because there are "hidden treasures..gems"that do not demand a inflated ridiculous price but has superb quality.....thus the Sar Lab Mos 400.
There are only 37 in exsistance and counting.
I will admit the ONE disavantage of these "hidden gems" is their resale value is terrible.Of course that is if you are selling but if you are buying .....
Sorry a little off topic
Thats funny, Hes looking for an amp to match an amp?? not sure I get that one. Ive never heard of the sar lab before. What do they list for?
I think it is for his HT.
Check out this site.No I don't have a financial interest in Sar lab.
I just like to give the "little guy" some exposure and a chance in the big audio world.

I sold my Aragon 8008BB last week. I really liked the SAR labs amp and I put it in place of the Aragon briefly last week before posting it in Agon. It was a little bit laid back compared with the Aragon. Actually, I prefered it to the Aragon 8008BB. For years, I have been reading that the original 8008BB could sound a little bit forward. I never experienced this because I was using Cardas Golden Cross interconnects which are laid back. When I connected the SAR Labs to the main speakers(B&W N805Sig's) it sounded a little flat. I switched to some AudioQuest Viper interconnects and the SAR really came to life. I almost had a moment of weakness and contiplated keeping it. Alas, I'm in the process of downsizing, so it's now listed. I got tired of of all the amps and fat power cables. I had 6 amps - 2 aragon palladium 1k's, an aragon 8008BB, 2 NHT A1's and the SARS which was hooked up to a B&G center channel (bi-amped).

I purchased a Sherbourn 7/2100. I haven't really had a chance to sit down and listening to it yet. I spend between 16-22 hours a day sleeping. My few waking hours are filled with eating, personal hygeine, caring for my 3 pugs (not allowed in the A/V room) and if there's any time left over trying to make a few extra bucks to help pay the bills.

Prpixel, may I ask if there are any differences between the 8008BB and the 8008ST? And how do you compare it with the Bryston 4B-ST?

My speakers are SF Grand Piano Concerto and I would very much appreciate if you could advise me whether I go for the 8008ST or the 4B-ST. Currently using ARC D130 which lacked power and drive.

Thanks in advance.
The difference between the BB and the ST is the BB has 2 toroidial transformers (true dual mono design) and the ST has 1 toroidial transformer with dual windings (one for each channel). There might be other differences but I'm not aware of them. When I purchased my BB about 5 years ago I had a chance to compare it to the ST. The BB was a little more dynamic and sounded bigger. It also threw a slightly larger soundstage.

I've never had the chance to compare the BB to the Bryston 4B-ST.