OK, best speakers for 2500 USED......

That would be about $5000 new. I am running a BAT VK-200 amp, a BAT pre (yet to be purchased). I value an engaging musical quality, 3-D imaging, "speed", like the voice is in the room, jumping out at you. Let the suggestions begin......thanks, this board is great, I have learned a lot about high end......Mark
Deja Vu.
Vienna Accoustic Beethovens. I've had the combo you speak of(including the VKD5). It's great together!
Easy, the Audio Physic Virgos. One of the truly great speakers. Listen before you buy anything else. Good luck.

I'll second the Vienna Acoustic Beethovens. I also like the Silverline Sonatina II's in this price range. I bought the Beethoven's, but the Sonatina's were very, very close second.
ProAcs, Response 2.5.. ! ..great detail and sound
I'll be the first to pitch for planars and ribbons... If you want the singer in the room with you. I am extremely partial to the Apogees. The Diva will cost you a grand less than you plan. The Duetta about a third. With the BAT plus an Apogee you will be instantly placing your system at it's 99 percentile sonic potential at any cost.
The Beethoven's would sound very good with your gear. Even better if you add a REL sub. Another choice would be Vandersteen 3A Sigs. Determining which speaker is the "Best" is fully your decision, for everyone's taste is different.
Dynaudio Contour 3.0
Dunlavy 4
Joseph Audio RM-25si
JM Lab Electra 905..if you can find them.
If you can find them
Gershman Acoustics RX-20
Audio Artistry Dvorak
Magnepan 1.6's. Se'em up right and they will continue to excite. A lot of speaker for the money.
Thiel CS2.3
Tyler Linbrook monitors - a superbly crafted monitor built with great drivers that can be had with matching stands with a few bucks to spare. Won't be getting rid of mine any day soon...
You might be able pick up demo Dunlavy Cantatas for near this price as dealers close out their stock.
Magnepan MG 3.X,
Avalon Avatar, set up properly in a small to mid sized
room, with the right electronics will beat any of the box speakers above for imaging, soundstage, focus, though probably not bass energy.
Revel F30.
Red Rose Rosebuds.