OK, Best Folk Albums in the last 10 years...

I think I created a new category specifically to get this (lp) out there to those who may be unaware.

Frazey Ford, "Obadiah", realeased in 2010, a member of the now defunct Be Good Tanyas. This (lp) has it all! The sonics are pretty amazing. Get It!
Why ten years? Try fifty and be sure to get The Weavers.
Have you heard Jake Bugg's release? It's fantastic!!! IMHO
Ani has to be in there somewhere and I consider groups like the Lumineers and Mumford and Sons to be more folk than rock. So I would add them to the list as well.
Damien Jurado "Saint Bartlett"
If you like female vocal harmonies, check out the Wailin' Jennys.
We've had that Frazey Ford since it came out. Love the Be Good Tanya's and Obadiah is indeed very good.

Interesting thing about Frazey. Her parents were hippies and her father dodged the Vietnam draft by moving up to Canada from the U.S.