OK, A'Gon/guys: I like to print the odd thread but

Why the cute yellow background? I just printed for my binder a great thread started by Zoya who was looking for online Cd suppliers. Can you please give us the optin to dispense with the yellow background? Yes, it is cute...but how many of us would go elsewhere if the yellow was not there?

Oh, and my compliments on your overall presentation and search engine....others should learn from you!!!!!!!
When in brouser click on TOOLS - INTERNET OPTIONS - ADVANCED - find PRINTING options and unselect "Print background colors and images".
Good luck.

Why don't you simply cut and paste (Control/C, Control/V) what you want to print into your word processing program and then print? Every M$ OS has Wordpad. You'll have two windows open when doing this, so use the Alt/Tab shortcut while jogging between the open windows. You can even go further in an effort to save ink. File, Print, Properties, Ink Saver, OK. Simple solution.

If you are unfamiliar with what I mean by Control/C, etc., you simply press the Control key and while holding it down press the C key. Let go and the item is copied, the Control/V command is done the same way to paste.
Great point Lugnut. By the way, you can also copy the thread onto your word processing program. This may allow for an even greater amount of flexibility to edit the content prior to printing.
Like lugnut I just copy and paste into a Word document. You can edit it, make notes about it, save it as a file and it makes printing easy.

I remain.
Just one more possibility: If you want to print the thread as is: When the printer dialogue box comes up just choose printing to be done in black (& white) only. The yellow will become a light grey.

I forgot one the most handy things about using Word as above. You can copy and paste the url address of the information and save it in the Word document too. The link will be live in the Word doc.(easiest way to make it a live link is to put cursor at end of address and hit "enter") If you want to go back to the source of the info this makes it very easy. Just click and you're there. You never lose online sources of info this way and have that "I wonder where that came from" trouble.

My record for this kind of online file is a 200 page online outline of tube electronics. I have a condensed version of about 30 pages. It is basically a collection of links/articles on diy tube electronics. If anyone is going down that path it might be helpful. Drop me an email I'll send you a copy.

I remain,
Actually black on yellow is the easiest combination for the eye to see. That's why road signs are yellow and black. Yellow high-lighters... ditto. Nature uses it for bee's, so you stay away. B&W uses it to make you look/buy their speakers...haha :P

Keep the yellow, I say. This is one of the most readable sites I have come accross on the net :)

I'm with Steuspeed. This is one of the most readable sites.
HEY!!!!! i'ts not broken,why fix it.
just my $.02
Got to agree w/Steuspeed on this one. I like the soft yellow too-- easier on the eyes, and I learned some things about copying from the above posts. Cheers. Craig
wow. Looks likes I gotta get more computer literite. Don'ts-ya just loves me grammer? Anyway, I am tapping away here on a Mac. Any suggestions for this computer?
Unclejeff - the right mouse button and Mac hot keys are also options. Of course similar procedures exist if running applications under X (possible in Mac's OS X).