Ok, a bit early- what's on your audio wish list for 2016?

I've asked this in years past.

My number one answer is always more music. 2015 been good to me - lots of new music. And I discovered the world of Internet radio with an inexpensive bloothtooth adapter for my preamp and tunein radio app for my phone. 

On on the hardware side I'm pretty solid now- but I've always got my eyes open for something interesting. Wonder if 2016 is the year I take the hi-Rez plunge. 

And I am forever concerned that my ancient Linn Arkiv B cartridge which is still going strong will bite the dust. 

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A pair of Golden Ear Triton Two speakers for my secondary system.  I missed out on a pair here yesterday as I bid too low, argh!
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Uncle Sam legalizes THC.

Want to know what your system REALLY sounds like?

dweller:  oh yeah, as if the laws have stopped many from partaking these last 50 years!

Nothing on my wish list--I'm still enjoying my new amp (purchased in August) whenever I can (married, no dedicated listening room).  Also enjoying my 'phones and new (this year) headphone preamp.
Pass Labs X250.8 amplifier.  I traded in my X150.5 early 2015 and have regretted it since.  

THC? Never heard of it. Is it a new record cleaning solution? 

My wish list for '16? The new ARC REF-6 preamp. 
"GrooveMastering" the Technics SP10MK3 :-)  Just picked up one, looking forward to working on it.


Good Listening


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Pretty sure THC is the Name of the George Lucas sound system most likely like the sound system used for the upcoming Star Wars movie, the Farce Awakens.

Peace on earth, good will to all and seeing Paris Combo live sometime in my life.
Well, dweller, I'm not that optimistic.
Uncle Sam unfortunately is either too dumb or too corrupt to make that happen globally.
Pass Labs X250.8 amplifier.  I traded in my X150.5 early 2015 and have regretted it since.  
I felt the same when I sold my Pass X250 years back.  Tried many different amps and wasn't satisfied until I bought the X250.8.

On my wish list is for the negative posts to quit.  Guilty as charged.
Star Wars? I already have six Star Wars movies I don't watch -why do I need another? Honestly, I've never heard one of my "He-Man" systems under the influence. I'd really like to some day. I'm thinking a decent boom-box and a primo doobie would best an ARC/Magico system! Any thoughts?
@dweller You could always move to WA State. THC for personal use is legal, and we've got some great audio shops.

One downside is now with legal MaryJane, it's gotten really hard to find fresh Doritos. Sometimes, you have to convoy all the way to Canada to get the good stuff.

In terms of gear, been pondering about adding a Pass Int-150, though it likely won't happen in 2016.

Careful courant. Sure, you start with Doritos and the next thing you know -boom! It's Cheetos and Ding-Dongs!

Happy Holidays! 

More music for sure!  Followed by finally getting into a space where i can build my dream system.
Always buying music, but wishing for two 30" pr. of Audioquest Colorados or better.
A new dedicated room, just for listening. And I should get my wish as our home is for sale and the plan for our next one is to have  a dedicated room just for my music. Finally! Can't wait! Big ugly gear? No problem! Speakers pulled out into room with nothing between? No problem! Room treatments, including maybe even on the ceiling? No problem!  Pump up the volume? No problem! Dissonant, unstructured, crazy jazz music? No problem!
I guess I'm fortunate- I do have a dedicated listening room which the rest of my family erroneously believes is a living room 

rockadanny: dissonant, unstructured, crazy jazz music? No problem?

Listen now and thank me later!

Maybe a preamp.

O.K. Let me try this again:


Listen now and thank me later!

dweller ... followed your advice ... thank you!
Dweller, thanks for the Christmas present--I hadn't seen that clip.  That may be the best of seen of that band.  Will definitely share with friends who will appreciate it.
So here's my "official" list for 2016

1- Hi-resolution audio/dedicated laptop
2- Linn Radikal drive
3- Linn Kandid cartridge
4- Tons of music

1 & 4 are likely; 2 & 3 are long shots and I'm still really on the fence over the Radikal. I won't get a new cartridge unless I have no choice

Following dweller’s lead... here’s a pair of awesome 1-man-band performances from Richie Castellano.

Happy Holidays:


power conditioning.

..and more stillpoints aperture panels