OK 2 use different OT taps for 2 sides of 1 amp?

Right now I'm passively biamping my ML prodigy speakers with a pair of ARC VT100s. Its a horizontal setup, so one amp per speaker. Is there any problem with running the ESL panels off the 4 ohm output transformer tap and the cones off the 8 ohm output transformer tap on the same amp? I'm not an engineer, so excuse me if this is a dumb question, but will the gain from each side be the same?

Thanks in advance...
Whups. Reversed my directions. Sub "vertical" where it says "horizontal."
Edesilva- Nothing wrong with this approach. Be sure to listen to the different possible configurations to decide which arrangement sounds the best as opposed to simply following some nominal impedance figure stated for each section of the speaker. Good luck.
It won't hurt anything, but if the panels and the woofer have the same impedance, the one hooked up to the 8 ohm tap would be getting twice as much power as the 4 ohm tap.
Thanks for the responses. As long as I'm not going to damage the amp, I'll probably play a bit and see what sounds better.