Reading the WSJ (website) today, there was a piece on Father's Day gifts and it starts with a blurb on Ojas.nyc
I am not in the market, but I would love to hear how his 3.5 watt amp and his two way loudspeakers sound. It appears that his two ways don't use a crossover, unless he simply fails to mention it in his description of his loudspeakers. 
So my question is; has anybody heard his speakers or amp?

I have a pair of the Ojas kit speakers, and I LOVE them.  I a/b tested vs. Klipsch heritage Cornwalls and Belles (both with upgraded components), and I like the Ojas better.  As my wife said, the Klipsch sound nice and smooth, but the Ojas have a great "1980's sound".  Once I received these, I sold my Cornwalls and I want a second pair to replace the Belles!

p.s. I just received my second pair of Ojas DIY speakers and immediately sold my Klipsch Belles...

I was interested in the Ojas stand mount horn speaker.  They never seem to be in stock.  Or maybe they just sell out really fast.

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