Ohms law?

My Scott 222c has 4,8,and 16 ohm taps. My speakers are 6 ohms.
Should I use the 4 or the 8 ohm taps?
You'll find this thread to be of interest:


The bottom line: Try both and see which sounds best.

-- Al
Your speakers are nominally 6 Ohms and we would have to see what their impedance trace looks like over the listening bandwidth. Part of that bandwidth may be substantially higher than 6 ohms for a small portion of the response while there may a deep dip to a lower impedance across a critical portion of the curve, for instance in the mid or lower bass, and, if bass or warmth is important to you, then the 4 Ohm taps might work better.

This is why it is so important to try all options and choose that which works for your ears. You will do no harm.
Ditto the above,whatever sounds best to you.
"Let your ears guide you Luke"

or was that the force?

Usually for setting up soundsystems it requires lots of testing, you better do what guys say. Test, test and test.
Thanks for the valuable input. The speakers are Harbeth which are promoted as being easy for most amps to drive (stable load?).
I will try both taps, and may the force be with you!