Ohm Walsh Talls (opinions sought)

I demo'd the 1000's at the Ohm factory in Brooklyn several years back. This was way back when I first started my journey into hi end audio. My faint recollection of them was that they were very musical and easy to listen to.

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how they would compare sound wise to the Vandersteen 1ci. Is there anyone out there with experience with both speakers?

Incidentally, I spoke with Jake from Ohm this morning. He said that current lead times are around 5 months and he expects that timeframe to shorten moving forward as they got slammed with orders last summer. 





Thanks for all responses on this thread. I think my next step is to take another trip to Brooklyn. It's been a few years since I last heard them and I've learned so much since. 

If you do try a pair, give them a week or two to settle in.  My bass was crazy at first.

Like audnacious, I ordered my Walsh Tall 3000s back at the beginning of August after reading the forums for years (hat tip to mapman, rebbi, bondmanp, etc.) and my wait time ended up being 7.5 months - totally worth it.

They’re not showy (unless you turn them up - WOW!) just smooth, easy, natural, palpable, all the good stuff you’ve read. What I can’t get over is how many (most? all?) other speakers I’ve heard kind of flatten the original sound event and its reflection/reverb/echo together into one conjoined thing. With these I can so clearly identify the original sound event seated inside the reflections (which are very much NOT flat, but instead true spatial cues). The imaging isn’t pinpoint, as said many times before, but it is placed very naturally in a holographic soundstage. A hologram floating over there between and around the speakers, which really do work and sound like lanterns instead of flashlights. Smithsonian Folkways and any other really good mono recordings (kind of blue, etc.) conjure the dead, it’s a freaky strong center and doesn’t sound mono due to the speakers’ natural interactions with your own real room. I love it, can’t recommend them highly enough if they generally sound like one’s flavor of sound.