Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em?


I'd love to hear the impressions of people who've actually spent some time with these speakers to share their sense of their plusses and minuses. Mapman here on Audiogon is a big fan, and has shared lots on them, but I'm wondering who else might be familiar with them.
@mapman has the right idea: buy and pay Ohm for maintenance or upgrade and sit pretty for dramatically lower investment.
Someone picked those up at auction for $200 yesterday.  Hopefully, it's someone on this thread who can appreciate them.
The special thing still about even original Walsh 2s, besides the usual big sweet area etc. is how robust and coherent they are. The drivers are protected well by that can. Also they can deliver a lot of fairly wide range sound compared to most anything else in the price range. I’ve told the story how I once used them on the porch of a farmhouse at an outdoor event with listeners in a field 50-100 yards away, run off a 80w/ch Tandberg tr2080 receiver and it was like the musicians were playing on that front porch. Plus I owned and used mine from ~1981-2008 before trading in to replace my Magnepans (which I bought ~ 1987 and went to the factory for a complete refurb less than ten years later) at the time and they still worked perfectly. Pretty good for for a $5 design! :^)
@fyusmal: If you want to listen to a pair of Super Sound Cylinders "beta" you are welcome to stop by, I am in Walnut Creek, CA (3 hr. drive from Lake Tahoe). The amp is a ClassDAudio SDS-470c. I only have digital sources.
If interested, send me an email to "misc AT blin POINT com" and we can arrange the details.
@blin116...  Interesting.  I was ready to order an amp from Class D Audio when I was offered a great deal on another class D amp from a guy I know that builds them. Do you feel the SDS-470C is a good match for the Ohms?  That amp seems to offer a lot of bang for the buck.
@bondmanp : I am happy with how the things work overall. I did not have much exposure to different audio components so I would not be describing what I have beyond "I like it" ;-) I do not hear any obvious flaws and if there are any, I am happy not to know about them...
Last year got a good deal locally on a pair of old Ohms 2XO and got a SDS-250c to drive them. But then we moved to a place that called for larger speakers and I traded-in those for the Cylinders. Then bought a used SDS-470c to see if I was missing something with its little brother. Frankly, I am not sure I can hear the difference between the two but I’ll probably keep the 470c just because... The only thing I don’t like in 470 is that it idles much warmer than the 250c (that barely warms up above the ambient temperature if left on).