Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em?


I'd love to hear the impressions of people who've actually spent some time with these speakers to share their sense of their plusses and minuses. Mapman here on Audiogon is a big fan, and has shared lots on them, but I'm wondering who else might be familiar with them.
Hi Ohm followers,  I have been using the Micro talls and micro center in my home theater set up for many years. My late brother willed me his Ohm 4xo's updated  from the original F's from the 1970's. When I fired up the 4xo one of the drivers had an issue no top end.  I contacted Ohm and spoke to Evan their and I could have the driver repaired or update them to the 3000's. My room is 16'X 24'. My question is if I update the mains should I also update the center Micro center to a larger model. The center sets on a cabinet just below the screen. Now I am mature in my years so my hearing is not of a 20 yr. old but there is more to music and movies then the highs.  System powered by a Harmon Kardon AVR 7200 (heater). All responses thanked in advance..
@jim_hip - IME, the main criteria Ohm uses to determine which center channel you need is distance from that center channel speaker.  In my case, I was told by John Strobeen that since I sit about 10 feet from the center, that the smallest model would be just fine.  I followed that advice and have been pleased with my center for around 8 years.  As for the repair vs. upgrade question, you should price both options out.  The 3000 cans will have slightly better performance all around, and will be more durable.  But the difference in sound quality is not huge.  I would try to speak with John Strobeen himself to discuss.  He won't steer you wrong.
@bondmanp. Talked to John today  decided to go the upgrade route to the 3000.  My room size and going from the micro tall's to 3000 is enough improvement to warrant the cost.  I will keep the micro center and will see how it fits together with the new drivers for movies.  
@bondmanp no doubt that the vinyl rip sounds better. It's a fact that (well in most cases) that LPs typically have better dynamic range than their CD counterparts (although the CD format DOES have much better dynamic range inherently, but it's not taken advantage of). I plan on digitizing my vinyl collection after I upgrade my cart and phono preamp and then getting a good ADC. Won't be cheap.
@bstatmeister...  For digitizing vinyl, I strongly recommend that you try the Sugarcube SC-2 by Sweetvinyl.  I am using it with excellent results.