Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em?


I'd love to hear the impressions of people who've actually spent some time with these speakers to share their sense of their plusses and minuses. Mapman here on Audiogon is a big fan, and has shared lots on them, but I'm wondering who else might be familiar with them.
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I didn't go anywhere, but between what the Dr. seem to think is a
bad case of carpal tunnel syndrome, and hotter than Hades here in
SoCal, nothing has happened since last time I posted on these pages.
I spoke to the sales department at ESS and they invited me in for some listening with my own CD's. If the ESS driver sounds as good as most people  think it does, I most likely pull the CC out and make it official...
Anyway I cross my finger for some cooler weather as it's a total pain to work in 90 degree plus weather shop.

Stay cool my friends........🇸🇪

That review brings my back over a decade to early 2005 when i first broke in a pair of microtalls. Still using the same set of speakers. Always considered upgrading to larger models but haven’t had the space or the desire to box and send them from the west coast. Maybe just get new cans, idk still love these version one models.
Hey Mapman...

I rarely get queasy watching a video but that porn view of the system did me in lol

Hi Guys,
I have had my Ohm super sound cylinder for over 6 weeks now. I ended up purchasing a Nord One up class D amplifier to provide it with some more juice. The Arcam SR-250 receiver did an OK job but now I can tell the extra power helps tighten up the bass. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase. Thanks to everyone that helped me with making my decision. As you guys know, these speakers can get pretty loud. I was very impressed at how loud they can get without getting distorted or sound compressed. As for the bass, I am more than happy with the amount of base I am getting. I gave up my 10" powered subwoofer and have no regrets at all.