Ohm Walsh Demo


Is there anyone in the Grand Rapids area that would be willing to give me a short demo of their Ohm Walsh speakers? Ohm is recommending the 1000 for my room. I live in Fruitport. 
Sure, I dropped you a DM
Sorry.  If you're ever in NJ, let me know.  You can hear my 2000s.  I will say that the current Ohm Walsh line sounds pretty consistent throughout the range.  As you move up, you get a bit more bass extension, and maybe a smidge better dynamics.  
If you can't listen to them locally. Ohm offers  of 120 days to audition should give you enough time to to decide, if they are for you? I have owned the micro Walsh talls  for years in a HT set up and was very satisfied. I just inherited a pair of 4xo from the 90s and had them upgraded to the 3000 drivers. WOW is all I can say about these speakers.  Big jump from the micro's. John S  at Ohm will not sell you more speaker than your room can handle.  Good listening!