Ohm Walsh 4s worth looking into ???

They offer many upgrades to the older designs, 4000 series and 5000 series, anybody upgrade their model 4s to the newer drivers ??? 
I upgraded from the Walsh 5 first to the Walsh 5 Series 3 and presently the Walsh 5000. The improvements over the original are substantial: a much more detailed and transparent mid range, tighter and more tuneful bass, and a seamless coherent sound providing for a wide and deep layered sound stage. Dynamics and power are effortless. Extended listening with no fatigue is guaranteed. I would recommend that you do an extended audition of the 4's, optimizing the room and setup. If you like what you hear, the upgrade will then be a slam dump winner. So I do recommend the upgrade. And the people at Ohm always stand behind their product and offer a 120 day try before your buy policy. You have nothing to lose.
When in doubt, contact the manufacturer. Ohm has good customer service. They contacted me quickly and gave solid advice.
I know them well big presentation but not true Audiophile 
i know build quality well very average At Best parts quality .if you get it cheap enough and rebuild the Xover with high quality
components then yes it has respectable potential. The Xover is the heart of every speaker. All too often. The Majority bought cheaper 
parts inside for mostdonot know capacitors and quality well and 
it is all about saving $$. I sold audio for years ,did you know less then 25% of thecost if electronics ,and speakers actually goes into the parts thatis a fact.
I would say it is... depending on the condition of the wood on the Walsh 4....and they are just a Walsh 5000 upgrade away from even more Sonic bliss...
I enjoyed mine for their warm sound, although I too agree with the previous poster as them not being high level audiophile - still very enjoyable presentation. Let your ears be the final judge when it comes to matters of speakers...
Absolutely worth looking into the upgrade, or the generous trade-in allowance available towards the new generation.

As for the "not audiophile"

1.  Who determines that, just wondering?

2.  More importantly, who cares?
^^^^^ +1

Seriously. It's this kind of audio snobbery which gives, I guess, any hobby a bad name among those who might not be fully invested in it – and among those who are.

i'm sure the crew over at Ohm would love to hear you speak at great length about what constitutes audiophile or not. 
For many years now I've refused to use the word "audiophile" to describe myself even though I've been active in the hobby for almost 50 years, including stints as a stereo store manager and a concert sound engineer back in the 70s and fixing/building equipment for almost the whole span.

I find the word too closely associated with pretentious behavior that often runs to downright silliness.

I just tell people I love music and enjoy good sound.

And just to clarify, I was referring to @audioman58's post, not @ep14's.