Ohm Walsh 2000 vs MMG vs Vandersteen 2ce Sig?

Ohm Walsh 2000 versus Magneplanar MMG versus Vandersteen 2ce Signature II? How does they compare with respect to speed, dynamics, tonality, texture, detail, tranparency, extension and sound stage?
this is an interesting discussion thread. Problem with the MMG is that Magnepan themselves describe the speaker as their intro product and that most owners will move up to their "better models" after experiencing the MMG. Doesn't exactly inspire me to purchase over a well developed and established product like the Ohm Walsh.
Ladavid, well Ohm's, ehich I've had, are sure plug and play,MMG's are not for the faint of heart.
I had MG12's - loved them and one of my audio regrets selling them. Never had Ohms though.
I've owned MMG's and Vandy 1C's and while they both have their strengths the Ohm's for me are simply better all-rounders. The MMG's are very beguiling on Jazz and softer rock like Steely Dan but they make very little bass, are not very dynamic and just don't cut it with hard rock. I didn't own the bigger Vandys but the 1C's were a nice polite speaker that didn't do much wrong but ultimately just never drew me in.

My 25 year old Ohm 3's satisfy me across the board with whatever I throw at them. The best compliment I can give them is when they're playing I don't really listen to my equipment anymore I simply enjoy the music and I can enjoy it anywhere in the room.
Not so, MMG will put out good bass, you just need an amp that will put over 300 watts a side into 4 ohms, 500 is even better.I will give you Ohms are better on hard rock, but on REAL musis MMg will smoke them.