ohm walsh 2000 cable recommendations

I recently purchased a pair of ohm walsh 2000 speakers (new version). Love them. Using all signal cable cabling (copper) Does anyone have recommendations for a short list of cables that work well with the Ohm Walsh loudspeakers that i could consider trying when the bug to experiment hits?
Actually, speaker wires are the component I have experimented with the least with my OHMs. I have just not felt the need although I would say that most everything else I have experimented with including ICs makes a very noticeable difference.

I do run my OHM 100s off a pair of Audioquest cv6 speaker wires that cost a couple hundred used for two 12+ foot lengths and this works quite well as does the commercial grade speaker wires I had run throughout my house that feed my bigger OHM Walsh 5s in a separate room.

I would tend to look at the speaker cable last personally if I were looking for changes that can produce noticeably better sound with the Walshes.
I use Morrow Audio speaker cables which I feel are excellent as well as inexpensive on my Walsh 5000 prototypes. Also Morrow allows you to audition with a money back guarantee.