Ohm Walsh 2 v. 2XO

Any feedback on the relative merits of the 2 v. 2XO would be appreciated. A 2XO is up for auction on ebay. I read Ohm site on each (many times). Looking for key general knowledge and these answers: Does "no controls" matter? How much? When? The XO needs "no periodic maintenance". Why? Big plus? Do these models sound different? Thanks.

I hate to see an Ohm thread unanswered. The XO stood for
'extra ouput' I think, and went deeper and louder than the original 2. They also had controls to change the bass output to adapt for different conditions.

A good way to go is to buy a Super 2- S3, which is an old Walsh 2 updated with the newer Series Three driver.

Hopefully, Marty or Mapman wll correct an errors on my part. I'm just learning myself.

Good listening!

Don't look at me - I'm only a year into my (very happy) Ohm experience. It's Mapman or John S. for the historical stuff.

Yeah... Mapman, where are you when we need you? ;-)
I would stick to the original. the XOs are a couple DB more sensitive but who cares. I believe Ohm punched up the controls (not needed anyway) on the bottom before removing them so these might be less accurate than the regular model. And the 2s have cloth surrounds just like the XOs too.
actually, I'd hold off a bit. I just got an email from Ohm. They're back from vacation and getting ready to re-launch their website with the new generation of speakers.

You might want to get a refurbished 2 with the new 2000 driver.

Not sure about the cloth though...