Ohm tap

I just got myself a pair of mono tube amps (sonic frontier power3)and connected to a martin logan sequel II. Since the connection for changing different impedence load is very difficult (more than 30 screws each) I need a guide to experiment with- 2 ohm, 4 ohm, 8ohm. what effect each of these set up will bring. The rest of my system are: Teac vrds10, PS Audio ultra link II with HDCD, sonic frontier SFL2. Thanks. Harry
The Sequels will perform best on the 2 ohm tap. No doubt about it. I am a Logan man from way back!
Howdy, I've always read that electroctatics prefer a high impedance connection e.g. 16 ohm (and higher). I've also read that you should choose the connection which closely matches the minimum dip in your speaker's impedance curve. Speaker impedances (usually) vary widely. That's why you'll hear the term "8 ohms nominal", etc. This means the impedance is around 8 ohms throughout most of the frequency spectrum but, in some frequencies, will actually be at 4 ohms, etc. Hope this helps...
The Martin Logan is a speaker that drops to 1.0 ohms and is not the same philosophy as the Quads or the Sound Lab design. Stick to the 2 ohm connection.