Ohm Speakers, thoughts?

I have long dismissed Ohm speakers as anything that could be competitive in todays state of the art. But of course I want to believe that this "old" American company still has some horsepower left to compete with asian built speakers built by people that take in less money in a week than my dog sitter takes in the couple hours it takes to let my dogs out to crap when I am away for a day :)? The reviews I have read here and there report incredible imaging but what about other aspects of the Ohm 5 II. Any thoughts?
Personal taste is whats it all about. I upgraded from the OHM 4XO to the OHM 5 about a year ago and love them, they just sound right to me. They will play VERY loud with lots of power. I use a Sunfire amp. that produces 600 watts per. ch. at 8 ohms and 1200 watts per. ch. at 4 ohms. This kind of power realy gets a grip on these speakers. I used to use an amp. that produced 200 watts per. ch. at 8 ohms and 325 watts per. ch at 4 ohms; this amp. would clip at higher volume levels. These speakers do go into the 4 ohm area, so it's good to have the power there.
Nanderson and Sean...There is a Blue Circle amp. review i think would be of interst to you guys. This review shows that it takes ample power to turn the Ohm speaker into truly high-end speakers. Just Google "Soundstage Blue Circle Audio BC8"
Interesting review on updating Ohm 4's
Line: Most of my comments are based on the "antique" series of Ohm speakers i.e. the ones that used free-standing Walsh drivers, not the regular drivers that are housed in a cage that increases diffractional losses making them sound more "ambient". The newer "Walsh series" are of no interest to me what so ever. That is my personal opinion though, so take it for what it is worth.

Other than that, i do agree that power helps with these designs, as it does with most any other design. That is, so long as the quality does not suffer in order to achieve the quantity desired. Sean
Ohm is high end, the misinformed 3x0 guy don't know what he's talking about.

I have the walsh 2, 2xo and pro 200 and happy with them.
I agree about the OHM F, they where considered in the 70's the best loudspeaker in the world according to a lot of reviewers.
I remember reading the stereo review articles on them.
I like ohm when they had the various models that last thru the 90's like the FRS, SOUND CYLINDERS and the F2, F3'S...
Besides the 300 MK 2'S, I wouldn't consider any of the smaller current ohm's like micro walsh and the 100mk2, or 200 mk 2...
I like the old design and cabinetry you find on the F'S, G'S, 2,3,4, 5.

I wished ohm went back to the original driver and cabinet designs with the many choices.
It sounds like a lot of old high end companies have downsized their designs. Infinity and polks are good examples. At least ESS SPEAKERS still uses their old design in both cabinet and driver.
Klipsch being older than these companies at least custom make to their OLD designs by special order.

What matters is that you are happy with what you have and what you hear both old and new. I love the old stuff myself.
When it comes to speaker designs, there are few companies who make new systems i admire, for the most part, i like yester years designs like i mentioned with OHM, infinity, polk, klipsch, ess, magnepan, acoustat, apogees, altec lansing, JBL, and many more. Newer is not always better.
There are things in life in which you don't need re invent the wheel. Some of us like turntables and no matter how many types of digital products come out, howbeit they're marvelous, they're not vinyl turntables and a different form of a music source, the same with cassette decks and open reel, you simply can't replace them by cd or dvd or mp3 digital players, totally different music source.
That's why it's hard to get rid of analog, there always be enthusiast and followers, and the same with vintage speakers such as OHM'S!