Ohm speakers are performing LIVE: on Feb. 27 2015

Just an FYI to those who may be interested in enjoying the snow with us in NYC.

Ohm speakers are performing LIVE: on February 27 at the NYU's Skirball Hall with the FLUX string quartet playing Spencer Topel's composition for a string octect (four live and four speakers, each ghosting a live performance), as part of "Spatialized 2015." Tickets available here.


DATE / TIME FEBRUARY 27 / 8:00pm
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I read about this. Something a little different that is very cool in concept! Pressure will be on the sound system to not bring down the live performers I would think. Would love to hear this.

Maybe someone in NYC area will attend and report back and tell us about the sound system used as well as the overall performance.

If anyone wants to listen to my system, I'll do it for $5 per person less. I'll even give group discounts. But if you want front row seats, you'll need to be on the guest list.
Hey Zd542...do you offer a senior discount and are you handicap accessible ?
Hi ZD542

I'd pay you $10 for entry if you let me play certain records and CDs. To get front row entry I'd buy you a beer of your choice.

I hope members here can go as I can't make the 2-27-2015 NYU show. I'd love to see the cabling and other stuff used with the Ohm Walsh speakers at the show. I love Class D amplification with the Ohm Walsh speakers. I wonder if they would be using Crown XLS Class D amps during the show.
I forgot to add additional details.You can see what Ohm Walsh speaker will be paired with what artist.

It sounds way cool. Wish I could go.

I notice the larger speakers appear to be matched to the lower octave string instruments which would seem to make sense.

I know John Strohbeen is a big classical music fan and supporter of the arts and plays locally as well himself on occasion, I have read. It would be interesting to hear how well he pulls this off technically not to mention the program sounds very progressive and intriguing.