Ohm Speakers and Services prices to increase September 1st

Just got an email from Ohm explaining the price increase about to take place.  Current prices will be honored for orders placed by August 31st, but they often close for vacation at some point in the summer, so keep that in mind.
With their new price increase they're slightly ahead of inflation for the next few years.

My Walsh 4's were $1,895 in 1984 which is roughly equivalent to $5000 today.
My 4's current equivalent is the Walsh 3000 which retails now for $5400.

However, in 1984 they were sold through distributors, now it's factory direct.

We, the current owners of OHM speakers, regardless of vintage, are their universal sales force.

I'm sure John and Evan realize this.
True.  I bought a local used pair of 4s off Craigslist after a bit of research indicated they might help with my listening room issues.  I’m not looking back.  Neither am I any longer considering room treatment to supplement lots of furniture.  I fortunately ordered the 4-5000 upgrade before the price increase.

Everything is going up.  Take-out from Wendy’s costs what a dine-in meal did two years ago.  Which is a good thing if the increased prices raise low earners’ wages.  Fat chance, probably, but maybe I’m just getting old and cynical.

if I’m spending a few thousands on a stereo, I can handle a couple more dollars for a Dave’s Classic.  Very few making our beloved gear are getting rich either.
People who don’t know about Ohm, and are new to them, won’t know any difference.  That is a good price increase, the Ohm speakers are a very good, speaker, well above average in sound, finish, etc. 
  they are a great company, despite the increase in price, they will do well we hope!

   Prices go up, rent goes up on apartments, houses, farm land, warehouse space, etc etc......
  watched a lot of prices go up and fluctuate lately. 
    Would I now pay 6K for a pair of top tier Ohm speakers,.......no, that it a bit over our budget. There are a ocean of speakers out there, many companies still under the radar of most. That is what I’m looking for, that company that is ma’ing great stuff, but not well known, they have great customer care, respect for their customers.   The larger companies, who sell, and care more about your wallet, than your happiness or the quality of their products....
   ever try to get one of those major name companies to get service, or talk to you, or point you in the correct direction,  they treat you like a pariah.  Been there quite a bit the past 35 years, with many receivers, cassette decks, CD players, amplifiers,  but oddly enough, Energy speakers (owned by (klipsch eejits) did honor a warranty issue I had a couple years ago, I was pleasantly shocked, as Energy was already bought up and dismantled by klipsch, I was sent 2 new complete crossovers with soldered nice thick speaker wire for a pair of Energy speakers.  I was shocked that they helped me.  Kudos to klipsch.  Also BIC America, has a great 7 year warranty on speakers!
    They also honor their warranties. They answer phone calls too. Had a couple issues years ago, I mean after BIC was bought and relaunched. Had an issue with a pair of BIC v-630’s, they were helpful, and put me in the correct direction to solve my issue without the usual runaround you are used to getting. One name, one number, and within a couple weeks, all was well, and I’m back in business with my BIC v-630’s tearing it up. One of the best speakers I’ve owned which is why they are still here, after early 90’s purchase.