Ohm speakers

Just read on the thread "speakers to hang on to for life" and saw ohm speakers appeared a number of times. Just wondering if this speaker just doesn't get auditioned by that much of the audiogon community for it to not get more recognition, or does it and its following is not big for obvious reasons- other speakers outdo them?
If ohm fans respond please share which speakers were outdone?
Have a look at the "Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: Who's actually heard 'em?" thread here. It runs over 1000 posts and counting and covers pretty much anything you could imagine regarding the entire Ohm
line. Post your question there and see what folks have to say.

One observation on the OHMs in response to your question that may not be covered elsewhere.

OHM has been around for a good 40 years or so I believe. They used to be sold quite predominantly in various audio stores and chains in the day, Tech Hifi for example and others.

A lot of people have heard them on decent but less than high end systems. Though sold only direct from factory over the last 20 years approsimately, OHM has always seemed to focus on making the best sound possible affordable to many.

OHM does not seem to target the niche high end audio market, though their products are certainly competitive there.

So even though OHM has some exposure thes days here on this site and in the high end audio world, that has never been their target market. You'll find a lot of OHMs out there though in all kinds of systems because the price of admission has traditionally not been high and OHM still supports and provides upgrades to every speaker they have ever sold, which is rare.

I heard OHMs first in 1978 as a salesperson in a Tech Hifi. I've always had a pair or two around since and am more attached than ever perhaps these days in that my current setup is the best I have ever owned. One thing for sure, the OHMs have never been the bottleneck in any of my systems.
Sure...Tech HiFi brings back pleasant memories...so do Ohm A speakers which had a big 15 inch or so driver firing into what I think was a sealed box, so just the ripple side of the speaker provided an omnidirection wave...I remember being very impressed indeed, although I don't remember the sound itself.