Ohm speakers

Just read on the thread "speakers to hang on to for life" and saw ohm speakers appeared a number of times. Just wondering if this speaker just doesn't get auditioned by that much of the audiogon community for it to not get more recognition, or does it and its following is not big for obvious reasons- other speakers outdo them?
If ohm fans respond please share which speakers were outdone?
Everything you want to know can be learned by searching and reading the two or three predominant Ohm threads.
I'm not sure how you got your perception, but IMO Ohm speakers are frequent and well represented here on Audiogon.
Like most of your inquiries Pedrillo (244 and counting), this topic has been addressed in many other threads.

Perhaps a search of the archives would be more productive than another redundant thread.
Have a look at the "Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: Who's actually heard 'em?" thread here. It runs over 1000 posts and counting and covers pretty much anything you could imagine regarding the entire Ohm
line. Post your question there and see what folks have to say.
Thanks didn't see those threads.
Nothing wrong with another Ohm thread...

One observation on the OHMs in response to your question that may not be covered elsewhere.

OHM has been around for a good 40 years or so I believe. They used to be sold quite predominantly in various audio stores and chains in the day, Tech Hifi for example and others.

A lot of people have heard them on decent but less than high end systems. Though sold only direct from factory over the last 20 years approsimately, OHM has always seemed to focus on making the best sound possible affordable to many.

OHM does not seem to target the niche high end audio market, though their products are certainly competitive there.

So even though OHM has some exposure thes days here on this site and in the high end audio world, that has never been their target market. You'll find a lot of OHMs out there though in all kinds of systems because the price of admission has traditionally not been high and OHM still supports and provides upgrades to every speaker they have ever sold, which is rare.

I heard OHMs first in 1978 as a salesperson in a Tech Hifi. I've always had a pair or two around since and am more attached than ever perhaps these days in that my current setup is the best I have ever owned. One thing for sure, the OHMs have never been the bottleneck in any of my systems.
Sure...Tech HiFi brings back pleasant memories...so do Ohm A speakers which had a big 15 inch or so driver firing into what I think was a sealed box, so just the ripple side of the speaker provided an omnidirection wave...I remember being very impressed indeed, although I don't remember the sound itself.
Thanks for the constructive contributions, when I typed ohm in the search engine so many unrelated titles appeared hence this thread. To hear so many fans enjoying this speaker and appearing loyal is encouraging. I bought my merlins 4 or so years ago, I got to hear the speaker on the pretense of an educational experience. I asked the seller if I can just stop by because of his proximity to my work place and let him know I was not in the market for a speaker just wanting to broaden my horizons. Well long story short I fell in love with the speaker and it has been with me longer than any other piece I have in my active system, of course it was the earlier purchase. I believe my tt, phono stage, amps and preamps will be with me for as long time as the merlins because of the synergy.
I visit the audio shops now and then to compare and learn, I can't wait for the moment I get to hear a properly setup ohm system who knows I may bite the bullet.
P.S. Since I like the mbl's chances are good I'll like the ohms.
Pedrillo, search Walsh Ohms. BTW, the new Walsh speakers are very different than the old Walsh speakers, and not necessarily better.

If you have fond memories of OHM As or Fs, check out this Agon featured virtual system.
Thanks Mapman. Very cool.
I posted a response to the "speakers to hang on to for life" about a pair of ohm walsh2 that I picked up with a trade.My main system uses merlin tsm-with a velodyne sub-
modwright denon 2900 tube mod-harmon kardon power-and I think they sound great.
The ohm's are used in a den system with a 1973 AR amp that was designed for 4 ohm load-an 18 year old onkyo cd player-
with cheap cables/speaker wire.The room has tile floors and
is small-14sx11.
MANY of my audio-friends have heard the ohm system and are truely in amazement at the sound-the highs-the soundstage-
even the bass from an 8 inch driver.
Anyone living in south florida who would ever want to check them out is welcome -I can not say enough positive things about them.
The Model H was their TOTL bookshelf and sounded very nice, especially with the upgraded drivers and XO. In a perfect world, I'd have kept my pair, but I try to limit myself to just two systems and tough choices must be made!
The H's used to be my favorites. I considered buying an upgraded pair prior to acquiring the newer Walshs.

I still have Ls (little brothers of Hs) which were my first OHMs acquired back in 1978. I upgraded them myself with OHM sub bass activator and Morel woofers. Would like to upgrade the crossover too someday. The Hs were too big and heavy for a mobile college dorm student.