OHM Speakers?

I have owned a pair of OHM I speakers for 20 years. They have done the job for a not so Hi-Fi system. I want to upgrade and am looking into some used OHM Walsh series speakers (Walsh 4/5 and F2). Some have been upgraded to the Mark 2 series drivers. I am looking for information/opinions on the quality of these older WAlsh series versus the new speakers OHM is selling. Thanks for your help....
I had a pair of C2's that I enjoyed very much from 1977 to about 1985. They got put away and, eventually, the surrounds on the drivers disintegrated. I sent the drivers to Ohm about 6 months ago and they sent me refurbished and updated drivers for the C2's for $279. I use them in my HT system and they are quite nice, better in comparison to many new speakers at $1000+ per pair. In addition, I refinshed the very nice walnut cabinets and they look great. Perhaps yours can be similarly updated, if you want to go that route. I have not heard the new Ohm designs but I have been told that they don't hold a candle to the older models. I, for one, was never a fan of the Walsh series, but others may feel differently.
The only Ohm's that have ever used a REAL "Walsh" driver have been the original Ohm A, the Ohm F and the Ohm G. Anything else that has been marketed as having a "Walsh driver" or sold as part of the "Walsh series" has nothing to do with the earlier designs other than a similarity in name tags. They are "pretending" to be heirs to the throne but do so in name only.

Here's a website that may offer a small bit of info about the earlier Ohm's and has a few pictures to check out. If you have further questions, drop me an email and i'll do what i can to help you out. I am pretty familiar with the F's as i own two pairs of them and wouldn't mind owning a pair of A's. Just keep in mind that both of these are low impedance low sensitivity designs that are very demanding on amplifiers.

The G's are higher sensitivity as they make use of a newer Walsh driver that is both smaller and lighter. Rather than being a sealed design, it made use of a passive radiator to help reinforce the bass that the smaller driver probably lacked. If i had these, i'd probably pull the passive and install a woofer, using the smaller Walsh strictly for the mids and highs. Sean
OOPS !!!! Here's the website about Walsh's that i was talking about and forgot to include in the above post. Sorry 'bout dat... Sean