Ohm Model F - What amp/receiver should I get?

I was told that the Ohm (Model F; and possibly other) speakers aren't your average speakers where you plug them into a receiver and just play them.
My dad; who has passed away; has CROWN amps; various types, but I know nothing about amps.
However, I was told Ohm's are best with amps.

Are there any sort of receivers that can play the Ohm speakers? Or do I need a certain type of amp?
I'm starting to see that. It roughly has the same sort of inputs and outputs, some is about the same.
But yeah, the power of it. I'd hate to blwo the speakers or anything really.
I'd be bit concerned about the status of those old Crown amps. There's a good chance the caps need to be replaced and the amp re-biased.
Those old Walsh drivers might need new surrounds, they were notorious for sagging.
I agree with unsound, please be careful of vintage equipment that has not been updated or modified recently. bad caps are bad news.

However, I have found that OHM F or A are not nearly as fussy about amps as some would believe. I have used all manner of equipment to drive mine.

Our TLS-I and II series are quite amp friendly.


For your perusal and gentle comment I have uploaded a virtual system called "My Walsh Dream" located under the ever evolving section.

Please enjoy...

Kind regards,
Dale Harder
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