OHm micro walsh series...

Anybody heard or own these smaller versions of OHms' highly touted walsh series?
I was superise to see this thread get bumped up from one year ago. I posted on this thread almost a year ago but now also have the Micro Walsh. Omni directional is what what I prefer and to my ears the Micro Walsh sound bigger than they are. They are here for keeps.
Ohm's own literature / info on their current line of speakers clearly states that these speakers are NOT omni-directional. They may sound more "diffuse" than other designs though due to the lack of direct radiation from the inverted mid-woofer. Other than that, the only "Walsh" driver that i know of that would fit inside of one of those "mesh cans" would be a Walsh tweeter as used by Infinity back in the 1970's.

As to the Morrison's, they are based on Stuart Hegeman's designs. The manner that the woofer is loaded within the cabinet is different from any other design that i've seen. The easiest way to describe it would be to think of a combo transmission line design mixed with internal Helmholts resonators. This approach has a LOT of potential from what i can tell based on the limited reading i've done about it. Sean
Last spring, I ended up getting a pair of micro talls, the matching center channel, and Ohm satellites for my home theater system. The wide soundstage and 3D sound of the talls are great for movies and the center channel is superb.
I listen to music through them often and it always surprises me how loud those little micro talls can play.

A couple of other manufactures that make nice omnis....

This is out of Ohm Walsh loudspeakers Technical White Paper dated 1981.
((The engineering of single wide-range drivers, such as the original Walsh loudspeaker driver, entails trading off efficiency for bandwidth. Perhaps the single most important compromise is the voice-coil mass decison. A coil, large and heavy enough to provide efficient bass responce, will not provide adequate high-frequency range. Conversely, a low-mass coil with excellent high-frequency performance will not be able to generate large low-frequency excursions. So, while the OHM F is the ultimate embodiment of Walsh technology, it requires substantial power to achieve loud sound pressure levels. Also, while the 360-degree dispersion of the Ohm F produces remarkable stereo imaging., it requires rather careful placement in the listening-room. The Ohm Walsh Loudspeakers utilize unconventional technology to provide a less expensive speaker which is substantially more efficient and less critical of room placement, but still coherent over a wide listening area.))
They are NOT omni, so it must be the coherent sound over a wide listening area is why I like them.
We took our drapes down and replaced then with verticals and also took down 64 sq' of old SONEX that was falling-apart and now the room is too lively for my taste; I have to do something about that.