Ohm Acoustics Walsh F-5015 speakers

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I too received the msg stating that Ohm Acoustics in Brooklyn is having a Columbus Day sale. In the message there was a mention of the new Ohm F-5015 speakers. Upon reviewing the site there was no mention of the F-5015 speakers. I then saw in the forum a couple of members inquiring about these speakers in the main Ohm Walsh thread. I figured for these new speakers they deserved a thread of their own.

Well what do you think these F-5015 speakers are? My guess is that these are the latest generation of new drivers/speakers to replace the original large Ohm Walsh F drivers. I'm thinking these speakers will be enormous and sound awesome.

Any thoughts/comments are more than welcome? If you get in touch with John Strohbeen about the F-5015 speakers feel free to post your findings.

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Probably some form of 5000 drivers in refurbed OHM F cabinets. The $9000 + price would indicate something more than that, which is the largest driver in some of the largest cabinets. Maybe an additional 15" sub woofer or two.

I have OHM F5 speakers (see my system pics) which are the prior generation 5 series 3 drivers in refurbed OHM F cabinets. Those listed for $5500 ($500 less than new Walsh 5 series 3 speakers) and I acquired those during a similar sale a few years back.

I suppose only John Strohbeen knows what they are for sure. I doubt they are any major new revision or style of Walsh driver though. John has stated thecurrent X000 series is evolutionary not revolutionary sounding.
Thanks for chiming in Mapman. I haven't called John Strohbeen about these because I didn't want to waste his time during the Ohm sale. I'm not in the market for the F-5015 but was just curious. Hopefully more info comes out soon.

I have a pair at home for trial and will let you know my conclusions if you are interested in hearing them. My own speakers are upgraded ohm fs, which are the best speakers I've heard so far. I'm hoping the new fs will surpass my old ones. And after a week of playing with them, it looks like it is possible they will.
Hi Spacer

Definitely share with us your thoughts on the F-5015s. I'm not in the market for them yet but I'm sure lots of members here will be interested as the Ohm Fs have a great following in general.

I listen to these two or three hours every day. I just found the right location in my 600 sf room today. I had been close for a few days but I think I finally got it right today. I've listened to a few Bach cello suites and I was quite impressed by the speed and depth of the 15 inch woofer. Frankly, I never heard a recorded cello sound as good as the one I heard this evening.

So far so good.


I see John posted some more info on the F 5015s on the OHM website but still no pictures.
John sent me an email and said they can produce some scary bass down to 16 hz. Also he said they were the loudest with 15 inch extreme excursion subwoofers powered by 500 watt amps take care of frequencies under80 hz. I almost got a pair but already had the 5000's and with 600 watt bryston it's loud enough. Anything more and my TT would not take the high pressure levels that the 5015 would generate!
I have an Ohm 5000 and almost upgraded to the 5015 but thought I had enough volume with my 600 watt Bryston amp. The 5015s are impressive with bass down to 16 hz!!!!!! John used the word scary to describe it. 15" extreme excursion subwoofers with 500 war amp built inside that drives all the frequencies under 80 hz.. If I had got those then I'd have to place them far away from turntable because of feedback at extreme volumes. Plus falling plaster, irate neighbors, accelerated hearing loss. But what fun!!!!!
Gotta be very heavy! My f5 series 3 are already but are on castors, which really helps with tweaking placement and moving when needed.
Maybe these are game changers for those looking to spend $10K+ on new speakers? Could they set a new bar perhaps given the scope of the design and the use of refurbished OHM F cabinets to keep costs down?

These are by far the most expensive OHMs ever. Lots of bang for the buck though. The old OHM Is were a similar attempt perhaps to take things to a new level all within in a single speaker cabinet.
One could always add their own separate powered subwoofers if desired.

I wonder if the same 4 3-way level adjustment switches are provided for the 5015s? One on my 5s is for room size which equates to low bass levels. Or are more sophisticated level adjustment controls typical of larger higher end powered subs needed or used?

It would be nice to have everything integrated into a single cabinet on casters. Those F cabinets are quite heavy and bulky to start with.

Also I wonder if the 5015s are bottom ported still like most other OHM Walsh CLS models?

Sure they are powerful, but I now start to believe that they are also capable of generating the most subtle nuances at all frequency levels. I just listened to the fabulous Herbaliser's Session One album, and all the density of the rich arrangements was there and very impressive. I then listened to the dire straights On every street, where all the rhythmic arrangements were evermore present without taking anything from the very live sound of the master guitar player.

I will go into deep bass music tomorrow or this weekend and will let you know how it goes.

For those who wonder what system i use :

Oracle mark I've turntable
Mark Levinson 436 mono blocks
Accuphase c-280v preamp
3d lab millennium mark 3 dac
"Sure they are powerful, but I now start to believe that they are also capable of generating the most subtle nuances at all frequency levels."

That's an attribute I would attribute to my F5 series 3 models as well, so no surprise to me there with the newer and even more beefed up 5015s.
I too had just traded my ohm Is in for the 5000s. They were excellent speakers. Great for rock and dynamic with enough power.the 5000s are smother through the whole audio spectrum especially the vocals which are very real.. The Is did have a forward midrange .
Most older conventional box OHMs from the Marty Gersten/ pre-John Strohbeen era had more forward mid range as I recall. I still have my OHM Ls though I've refurbed them a bit and same still holds true there.
I know many good speakers owners will say that, but the question is : can a speaker handle real deep bass (like for example in the album "The last resort" from Trentmoller or in the last Kangding Ray album "Pruit Igoe")so well that all the high and mid frequencies are still as smooth and present as if there were no bass, with no degradation whatsoever.

I have tested the new Fs and they can acheive this as well as they can reproduce a piano, cello or violon solo in a really emotional way.

The last test I will perform is compare them to my old refurbished Fs (the best speakers I've heared so far), in my new home (600 sq f room). The competition is tough, but I think the new Fs can actually come out on top.
I'm anxious to hear the results of the F versus F test! :^)
Newbie question here. Do I understand that EACH 5015 has a 500W Amp inside the speaker? If true, what kind of Amp? If I have a 100WPC amp and I hook up the speaker leads to the 5015 what happens? I do not understand connecting up an amp to an amp. Excuse my lack of knowledge.
Me too. I've researched the ohm Fs online and I keep reading there a legend.
I'll start testing Sunday. One of the question I have is this: the new 15" woofer can go very low, we already know that, but it is not only a question of going low it is a question of also doing it right; since the 15" has a 500 w/c amp, I'm wondering if this amp will produce a bass of a quality equal or superior than that on the old Fs 12" with my mark Levinson 436.

Also, the sound dispersion of the old Fs is unique and addictive, I wonder if the new Fs will offer a similar stage or if it will be a more central stage.

I'll have some suggestions a to the answers to these questions by the end of next week.

Given original Fs are full omni and full range and new OHMs generally produce lower levels in wall facing directions, and use a more directional tweeter above 7khz or so, I am guessing that each may sound best with somewhat different placement in the room relative to walls and listening location(s).

You are probably right. I know where to place the new ones in my new room, but have not yet tried the old ones. The will probably have to be spotted differently than the new Fs.

Your amp goes to the 5000 cone, which takes care of frequencies above 80 hertzs, and the built in 500 w amp takes charge of frequencies from 16 to 80 hertzs.

Your amp goes to the 5000 cone, which takes care of frequencies above 80 hertzs, and the built in 500 w amp takes charge of frequencies from 16 to 80 hertzs with its 15" woofer.
They are in fact incredible. Totally different from all the other speakers you have heard before.

Im going to keep the new ohm Fs. Of course they sound different from the old ones, but the new ohm f sound is fascinating in the sense that they offer a new approach in the sound dispersion, an aspect which was central in the appreciation of the initial ohm f.

The new f sounds extremely good with all kinds of music, which is a exploit by itself. The deep bass is not only as tight as can be but it show new textures in records I thought I knew by hart, thanks to the 15 inch woofer.

The f5000 is just incredible offering a extremely detailed and musical performance, which is perfectly matched with the 15 inch woofer capabilities.

I'd never tought if do that, but I'm going to bring my old Fs to John this week end and I must admit it is not going to be easy letting them go.

But hey, we got to follow progress and the new Fs represent progress IMHO from the old ones.
Spacer, what is the rest of your system?

Thx + happy turkeyday!
Sell the original Ohm F's to someone one who can appreciate them and perhaps have them restored properly (not an easy undertaking).
Hi Mapman

Oracle Mk IV turntable - ortofon cadenza red - Rega rb900
3Dlab dac millennium Mk 3
Accuphase c280v preamp
Mark Levinson 436 mono blocks amps
Audioquest Colorado xlr

Please let me know what is your system.

Happy thx giving - even though we do not celebrate it in canada
Hi unsound,

They are restored properly, but they are part of the deal for the new ohm Fs.

That's quite a setup, even for a sizable room!

I think OHM is mostly interested in the cabinets for restore and future sale. You might be able to keep the F drivers if desired. Worth checking perhaps.
Too bad they're going back to Ohm. I'll hazard a guess those fine Walsh drivers won't be appreciated too much longer.
"I'll hazard a guess those fine Walsh drivers won't be appreciated too much longer."

The cabinets will likely get recycled with newer drivers for some future buyer looking to save some money compared to new cabinets. I am a fan of those older pyramid shaped cabinets myself.

Maybe if someone were interested and contacted John, he would sell the drivers sans warranty for a reasonable price if the condition and value can be established within reason.

i can't imagine a pair of OHM F drivers in good working condition not having some value, but I do not know what is required to establish level of functionality and value accordingly in that in that all are old and have had third party work done on them prior most likely if still in good general working order. It likely takes some special expertise just to appraise the operating condition and value properly I would think.
You guys have got me thinking if I should not after all keep my Fs.

Concerning the renovation of the fs, i use to make speakers and even sold a few so I know that even the smallest changes can modify the original sound of a speaker. The changes which were made are the following;

1) The foam inside the cone and the surround (suspension) of the cone has been replaced by the exact same foam by a technician who has been doing this for years.

2) the top is now bolted to the bottom with four bolts instead of only two

3) the amp is now connected directly into the cone instead of in the bottom connectors placed at the back it the cabinet, so the inside wiring is no longer used

4) the connectors on the cone have been changed for modern connectors (I've tried many while I was making speakers and I chose the most neutral ones IMO )

5) the quantity of the damping material has been slightly reduced after several hours of testing (two inches were taken at the top)

So you see I've kept the changes to a minimum. I know there is some guy who restored them by changing the cabinet completely (type of wood and thickness of the walls - the result is not an ohm f anymore since it is impossible that with such changes the speaker sound anything ode to the original Fs.
I forgot to mention one change;

The foam joint between top and the cabinet was changed
Correction: in the new Fs, my amps take care of frequencies above 80 Hz and the Ohm 500 w/c built in amp takes care of frequencies between 16 and 80 Hz.

If possible, I would love to see some photos of the 5015s, including cans, hoods, layout of controls, etc. Maybe a quick system post with some pics? Might be hard to photo the bottoms where the subs would be visible as I understand it, though.

Since it is not yes in production, I will ask John if it is ok with him; if it is I will post all the pictures you mentioned with pleasure.
Hi Mapman

Hi asked John and there is no problem to post pictures so I will try to post some this week end.
I have the pictures but don't know how to upload them to this thread.

Can someone help me?
The only way on Audiogon I know of is to create a virtual system and post them there.
Spacer, btw, if you set up a virtual site so we can see the pics, you can always delete it later at any time if desired. Or keep it and build it out over time if desired.

LOoking forward to seeing those f5015s in all their glory......

I have no clue on how to built a temporary site. So what I suggest is I email you the photos and you create the site. Let me know what you think
Spacer, problem with email is Audiogon no longer provides a way for members to correspond directly without a user posting their email address in public, which I prefer not to do.

There is no special functionality on agon for a temporary virtual system. You could create a virtual system here on agon, and post the pictures there. You can then delete it at any time as desired.

OR if you are comfortable posting your email address to this thread, I will then respond, but its totally up to you if you want to do that.

Whatever works best, or not. I'd like to see the pics but do not feel obligated to post if too much trouble. I'll survive! :-)
I think pictures would be great for the legions of Ohm fans, especially Ohm F adherents. But the main question remains is how does the Ohm F 5015 sound? I'm especially curious as an Ohm F owner. How is its "presentation" compared to the classic F? Is it more like the Walsh 5 class with a more powerful low end? Or does it up the ante throughout the frequency range for resolution (especially) as well as for dynamic range?

Beyond all that is the Ohm F 5015 merely a prototype? It has been since Columbus Day since it was "announced". Yet, as far as I know, there have been neither hide nor hair of its existence since that time. Certainly there has been nothing tangible. *Nothing* on the website. That is awfully strange.

Robert C. Lang
Hi Mapman

I've built a system under the forum "done for now" I titled
"Ohm F-5015 photos"

Hope you can find it. All photos are there.
Spacer, I see it and posted comment.

IT will be interesting to see where John goes with the concept, ie if he will introduce a similar all new 5000 model with powered subs built in rather than relying on recycled F cabinets. He does do a lot of custom work by customer request, so it is possible that these might fall into the special request category.

The taller can for the 5000 driver is interesting. I wonder if there is anything different about the CLS configuration inside or if that is just to more emulate the form of the original F driver? I'm guessing the 5000 driver is the same, but perhaps sit higher and more room is needed in there below to integrate the subs in particular.

I'm assuming the 5015s are not bottom ported with the subs like the subless 5000s are?
"How is its "presentation" compared to the classic F? Is it more like the Walsh 5 class with a more powerful low end? Or does it up the ante throughout the frequency range for resolution (especially) as well as for dynamic range?"

Rx, my understanding is that current X000 series in general does that relative to the originals of which Walsh 5 (series 1) was the largest. Having owned original Walsh 2s for years prior to obtaining my two newer pair based on last generation series 3 drivers, I can vouch that this was accomplished with series 3. Newer series 4/X000 series is advertised to take things somewhat further, "evolutionary but not revolutionary".

F5015 then appears to be mostly about adding the powered subs onboard to base level 5000 driver in refurbed OHM F cabinets. That obviously has mostly to do with bass levels, especially in larger rooms.
Those 5015's sure are impressive. I wonder how they compare to other big speakers as far as sound pressure levels go? Thanks for sharing pics
I will post a photo of the woofer soon.