Ohm Acoustics introduces its 20/20k beta speakers

Ohm Acoustics has introduced its new line of beta speakers called the 20/20K series.

The lineup consists of the F-5015, the Super Walsh 3.3010,and the Super Walsh 4.4012.

All are using the company's Xtreme Xcursion technology subwoofers and 500 watt subwoofer amplifier to deliver a deeper bass.

Since this is a beta lineup, a probable successor to the 1000-5000 Ohm Walsh's?

The web address is here:

The ohm site still refers to the models with this approach as "prototypes" pending more feedback from users.

It appears the subs are also downward facing in the cans immediately below the traditional CLS driver. It's a very unique design it would appear. It would be interesting to get more info about it. Maybe John has posted something about it on his ohm site blog.
Whoops my mistake. I read the prototypes are offered for reduced cost. The new line itself is not referred to as prototypes.

In Addition to the use of the powered subs other differences with the line is use of refurbed older cabinets like those from old Ohm Fs which are pyramid shaped and more costly to produce new and the new models are now acoustically sealed not ported.

I'd like to see some pics of the terminal connections and any other sub controls that are provided.

I also use Audyssey with my subs, so I may have my Audiophile club card revoked at any time. OTOH, I get pretty spectacular results, so I guess it's a small enough price to pay.