Ohm Acoustics Aanother Successful

Title got messed up.  
Ohm Acoustics another Company Success.

Just want to give the Ohm Company a Shout out and BIG props.
I Ordered a set of Ohm tall 1000 a couple of weeks ago and there was a mix up in my order so it was going to be delayed by over 1 Month. Being that the order was for my wives Listening room not a pleasant situation.

After speaking with them I was disappointing and frustrated that I’d have to wait. They were kind and as accommodating as they could be but there was nothing they could commit to on the phone with me.

Some time later I get UPS notifications. The Speakers were sent. What!!!! I called back . Not a mistake. They acquired a pair to send.

I have to give them credit they stepped up and solved the issue in a way I would not have expected.
Now I can give my wife GOOD News instead of not so good news.

Thanks You Evan, John and anyone at Ohm who had a part is making this difficult situation a success from my standpoint. Customer First seems to have been the rule without making any false promises.

Now I can’t wait to hear them - along with the wife..