Ohm Acoustic Corp., Brooklyn NY

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This is, unfortunately,  an uneasy post.  I was persuaded to dive into a buying a set of Ohm Acoustics Walsh Tall 3000.  My very funky factory loft with 11' ceilings, not a single straight wall, 145 yr. old very wide & distressed oak flooring other issues dictated an Ohm Acoustics design.  However, placed/paid for my speakers 11/06/2021.  Speaking with Ohm indicates I can expect delivery around the middle of June.  That date has krept forever onward.  Yes, there was a snafu at Ohm's end that they readily recognize. But poor, poor, customer relations. I have spoken with Jake several times over the last 7 months; quite the gentleman.  However, I just no longer have a good feeling that Ohm Acoustics is on top of their game. And the last thing I want to do is spend about $6,000 for a product where the company is gone, out of business.

 Crutchfield can ship me a set of Klipsch Cornwall IV this afternoon. My decision process 7+ months ago had me considering either the Cornwalls or the Walsh Talls. I went with the Walsh Talls. Hey, it still may be sonically the better decision. But until I get delivery of my Ohms I'll never know. 




All part of the uniqueness that is OHM Acoustics.  

John and Evan are quite possibly the most type "B" business owners and managers that I've encountered.  They can be a bit slow, very laid back and they don't always sweat the details.  

Flip side, they are always very accommodating and if something is not to your satisfaction they will always take it back for a refund (within reason), or fix it to your liking.  


The speakers, they also make no sense.  They are not the tightest of builds inside or out, looking at the parts and internal guts make a lot of audiophiles question them, and even pass on them.

Yet, when you listen to them they are very cool, and do so many things right.  Very fun speakers and very enjoyable to listen to.  They also support their products as well or better than anyone out there.

Just a unique company and product.

Speakers arrived. What beautiful pieces of furniture! I purchased my Walsh 3000 Talls in the red sapele.  Interesting about the recommended break in period - SO TRUE!  Out of the box they lacked... a lot.  Interesting though that after about only 3 hours the sound has improved markedly.  So far I now see no reason to hang onto my 1997 matched S/N Thiel MCS-1 speakers.  I may continue this topic as a new thread once I get a couple dozen more hours break-in behind us.

Thanks to all who calmed me down, talked me back from the edge. ONE OBSERVATION - this coming from a newbie to the forums - A percentage of the responses to my original post were absolutely not helpful, were not even remotely on topic. I also noticed that many of those irrelevant posts were from posters with many, many prior posts. Observation, just because you yell louder doesn't make you correct or even relevant. To everyone else, thanks. 

At an average of probably 2 hours a day, my Ohm Walsh 5000 upgrades improved for a couple months, most noticeably in the crispness and detail of bass and all percussion.  Bass notes and kick drum hit at the same time are distinct.  You’re in for a treat!  

@veemike ,

FYI: I bought my OHM Walsh 4's in 1986, they were store demos built in 1984, back then OHM had dealers..

They've been refurbished twice by OHM (1998 & 2021); they still sound as good now as they did when I first heart them back in 1986.  They're all original.

Like most speakers room placement is critical to extract  that last ounce of goodness.  Play with them till you find your nirvana. 

Your 3000's have an advantage over my 38 year old 4's in that the bottom vent fires into a wooden plinth as opposed to mine firing directly into the floor.  That greatly affects the mid range and bass depending on whether it's sitting on carpet or a hard surface, basically the overall tonality of the speaker. Other then that they are quite similar in their overall technology; 10" driver crossing over @ 8 kHz to a soft dome super tweeter, with the rear 180 degrees sound attenuated approximately 20 db versus the front 180 degrees for the 10" driver.

Mine are also 6 ohm but less efficient than yours (mine are 83 db) and I read somewhere in the past that yours are around 86 db versus the published 88 db. which means they're still quite power hungry and prefer a high current quality amp.

Obviously I believe these speakers are keepers, glad to see that you hung in there and weren't too distracted by all the BS commentary you had to endure.

Just for comparison: my 4's listed for $2395 in 1986 (Canadian $), as they were 2 year old emos I paid $1695 for them.  That $1695 translates to $4525 in today's funds.  Best money I ever spent, absolutely no regrets.