Ohm Acoustic Corp., Brooklyn NY

Greetings All

This is, unfortunately,  an uneasy post.  I was persuaded to dive into a buying a set of Ohm Acoustics Walsh Tall 3000.  My very funky factory loft with 11' ceilings, not a single straight wall, 145 yr. old very wide & distressed oak flooring other issues dictated an Ohm Acoustics design.  However, placed/paid for my speakers 11/06/2021.  Speaking with Ohm indicates I can expect delivery around the middle of June.  That date has krept forever onward.  Yes, there was a snafu at Ohm's end that they readily recognize. But poor, poor, customer relations. I have spoken with Jake several times over the last 7 months; quite the gentleman.  However, I just no longer have a good feeling that Ohm Acoustics is on top of their game. And the last thing I want to do is spend about $6,000 for a product where the company is gone, out of business.

 Crutchfield can ship me a set of Klipsch Cornwall IV this afternoon. My decision process 7+ months ago had me considering either the Cornwalls or the Walsh Talls. I went with the Walsh Talls. Hey, it still may be sonically the better decision. But until I get delivery of my Ohms I'll never know. 




My 4-5000 upgrade took longer than expected, but they had a supply issue with the metal used on the speaker cans.  I still had the old Ohm Walsh 4’s with a bad crossover to use, though.  I can only say for me and my room (a very long sidewall of large windows) it was well worth the wait.  Many months in they continue to amaze me.

June is almost here.

I had to wait 3 months for my speakers and still waiting on the grills. Also I have been waiting 4 months on parts for my vintage Marantz receiver. It does’nt matter who the company is, parts are hard to come by and manufacturers don’t really want to tell a potential buyer the wait is 6-12 months because China or another supplier can’t guarantee parts.

I am wondering what reasons they're giving you for the delay. I would be delighted with the Cornwalls, but they are a very different sy[e of presentation from the Ohms. You need to weigh that before you make a move. I like both, but would prefer the Cornwalls for the great dynamics.

Ohm has been in business for 40+ years. They have refined the omnidirectional Walsh driver design and now sell direct. They are not going anywhere but they do suffer from supply chain issues like everyone else. 

Have you looked at the Decware Errx Radial speaker?


Not sure of the turnaround time but people seem to like them for about half the price of the OHMs.