Ohm 5s What do you think

I'm considering a used pair of these monsters. Also considered the PSB Golds (I like large speakers without the need for subs). Anybody have an opinion of these power mongers. I have yet to see a review in a publication
Ohm Walsh 5! One of the best sounding speakers, ever bult! Some new models are good too. I don't know why Ohm co. went "underground"? You should go to their web page, and check for the reviews. Walsh 5 was "Stereophile" class A speaker, some years ago (it is in the Ohm's web page)Also ohm staff is very helpful( actually you will be contacted by the owner himself) If you own any Ohm product, they will mantain it for life! If you can get one Welsh 5! Just DO IT! Regards!
Eldragon's comment about Ohm maintaining their products for life is incorrect. They no longer offer service on the Ohm A's or F's using the full sized Walsh drivers. They can probably help you out on just about anything else though. Sean >
I have a small Ohm Walsh model in my basement and I've heard some of the larger models. The rendered spatial qualities of this design is fairly unique (a German mfr. has, at a higher cost, employed a similar concept for some years now). My critisms of earlier models are that the boxes were underdamped, and the previously used cone tweeters were too bright (to my ears, in my circumstances). They've since improved the boxes and switched to dome tweeters. Two changes which for me, are in fact improvements. I believe that the Ohms are still somewhat colored (are there any which are not?). But the illusion of space can be impressive. They are comparatively inefficient.