Ohm 2000s at NY Audio Show

Felt compelled to write for the first time in a while after visiting the NY Audio Show today. There were some very good sounding systems (the Audio Note room comes to mind), some other systems that you could tell were good but struggled with room acoustics (The Linear Tube Audio room was saddled with a square room and suffered for it with some boomy bass) and many disappointments (won't bother to list). But the one room that really stood out for me was the Ohm Acoustics room. It's a shame John doesn't show more...his $<4500-all-in system (he paired his 2000s with an $800 Outlaw receiver and a $200 Oppo CD player, plus cables and a streamer) may not have achieved the dynamics of the $100K+ Alta room or the perfect timbres of the Audio Note room, but for my money, it was as enjoyable to listen to as anything in that show. I have no $$ interest here...just giving credit where it's due. 
Further evidence that great sound doesn't require a trust fund or 2nd mortgage.

I've been having a similar experience with Vandersteen 1Cis; they're silly good for the money. I've heard many 2 to $4K speakers (some highly praised models) recently that don't hold a candle. 

IME, many of the more affordable speakers are better all-rounders than some of the esoteric, uber expensive designs. They don't dominate in any one regard, but they don't require you to limit your listening to excellent recordings. 

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^I haven’t compared uber expensive models in my room and system. I’m simply comparing the level of enjoyment I get from my systems to that which I’ve heard at the shows. Also, I’m referring to the fact that many uber designs can expose every flaw in a recording. It’s great if one is always listening to well-recorded material. Since you asked, one of the speakers I’m referring to is the Focal Sopra 3, uber expensive for my blood. That beryllium tweeter, (along with AMT tweeters) must be an acquired taste. I can't stand to listen to them for long.