Oh where or where have all the buyers gone?

Has anyone noticed that NOTHING is selling around here anymore? Not just around here, but used audio in general is taking a big hit and there is a ton of merchandise that is for sale that never even gets a response.

I have put several items up for sale at very aggressive pricing and have had little or no replies from buyers. Sure the views are high, lots of lookers but all of the buyers have just disappeared. Am I imagining this or are others observing the same things?
Yes, I think your observation is correct. It may be due to the effects of the economic recession -- buyers of used gear presumably need to save money, and hence may be the category of buyer that is forced to be frugal right now. Also, I have found that the summer months are usually slower than the winter months, when audiophiles typically spend more time with their hobby. Perhaps we could ask the Bush administration for a "used audio gear economic stimulus package", since we are an economic special interest group...
I know that the prices on models that I keep my eye on seem to have dropped quite a bit of late - I didn't know if that's because they've been around for a while or because everything is just down right now. It's a great time to be a buyer I guess. -Kirk
A small sample for sure, but I'm noticing the same thing on eBay too. I've been trying to sell some stuff there and bids are LOW or non-existant. Cheers? Craig
I agree with much of Sdcampbell's post that part of the
current situation is due to the economy and in part to warmer weather.
I've had several items for sale on the 'Gon; and one or
two sold quickly and the others just languished - with little response. I think a lot simply has to do with the
type of equipment being sold. Better known brand names -
Audioquest, McIntosh, Krell, etc. seem to be selling fairly
well - but more esoteric equipment may sit for days on end.
Having a slow economy certainly doesn't help a lot, either.
Also, it is now May and warmer weather is already here
in some parts of the country. And for a lot of people that
means getting outdoors again, traveling to new places, and
lots of activities that don't necessarily include audio. But I suspect the situation will change as the summer months come to a close.
Unemployment is up to 6%, and the NASDAQ Composite is down more than 15% year to date. (The S&P 500 is off more than 6% year to date.)
I listed some items today and enjoyed 50% success already. Just lucky, I guess, but it makes me wonder if we could somehow swap gear rather than money for gear. Of all the items I listed today my personal favorite will probably languish awhile. Go figure.
Happy listening,
I haven't had any trouble selling gear on e-bay. In fact I've even sold some stuff for more than I paid. Plus I'm having a hard time finding the used gear that I want. It all seems to sell to fast or the price gets bid up to high. Of course the price has to be reasonable in the first place. As an example, Lugnut's Naim 42/110/hicap is priced right, and must have sold in a couple of hours.


It pains me to put forth my dismal hypothesis.

The high end is in the throes of dying. We see it in the decline and failure of the magazines, the slowing of exciting new product introductions, and now a slowing of even the used market. More manufacturers and retailers will soon fail. I hope I'm wrong, but I sense this is not a cyclical slowdown but an end game we are witnessing. It will take a long time, but the best days are behind us.
It's the economy, stupid !
Maybe it's the tacked on PayPal fees. Stop - that was a joke.
If it pains you so much why post it twice?
I think its just the time of year. When the summer begins sales go down. It seems to happen every year at this time.
I agree that it is just a seasonal shift. I sell motorcycles for a living and people won't buy if the sun isn't showing it's self that day, like it may never shine again. People are just out in the yard or getting the boat ready or hopefuly out buying a new bike! Wow, some of you guys are so gloomy. I can see the Agon ads now,"Priced to go, must sell quick before the end of the world"!
I sold a bunch of stuff here in the last 60 days. Maybe I'm pricing it to low. :^(

I would agree with the economic turns, but that said, I did look at some of your recent pricing, and it also is paired with that. In a recent add you have listing a pair of Aerial 10Ts for $4,600 I wouldn't call aggressive. DON'T get me wrong, I own 10Ts and they are worth all of the $4,600 to me. I have noticed several 10Ts available in the past month for less than $4,000, some newer than others, some black, and some Rose Walnut. In the world of audio, people like to use the 50% off retail as a gauge (key word here) for the value of their preowned item. If I see 6 sets of Aerial 10Ts, relatively the same situation, which I would INCLUDE the rating of the individual and happily paying a touch more for feedback, that ranged from $2,850 (listed today with a crack in the head) to $4,000 with boxes in mint shape, you probably don't even get an email.
The point of that comment is the 50% retail is nothing more than a guess, the true value (of anything from cars, to stocks, real estate, or audio) is what the 'going rate' is. If all 6 were selling similar items for $3,400, your speakers are not worth more than $3,400.

The question I would ask, as I have noticed some of this myself, is why so many fire sales? Taxes, recession????
This is what brings the values down.

Now, if someone was ready to purchase a set of Rose Walnuts and there were no others being sold recently, you would probably get your $4,600 as that is a great valued speaker for this amount!

The bottom line, we all have it made to have the ability to buy, use, and sell items at our leisure!

Good luck with your Aerials. For what it is worth, I know someone looking for Rose Walnut, wants to buy, has cash ready, but doesn't feel more than $4,000 is the right value.
If you decide to sell those particular speakers, I will pass his email on to you and vica versa.

I think that EVERYTHING has slowed down economically. My personal business has slowed somewhat and in turn, so has my personal spending.

Glen: When you get to the "giving it away" stage, PLEASE just send me an email rather than posting it on A-gon. I might even help you out on the shipping charges : ) Sean
It is not just used equipment that has slowed
down.As a dealer,just about anything that would be
considered"hi end" has just about come to a dead
stop.No doubt the Hi End market shrinks
considerably every year,and a good deal of "brick
and Mortar" stores have become a memory.When you
have major store like SBS trying to dump Krell on
the internet you know things are not all that
hot.Besides the fact I see more and more items
being sold here as"New" that are not even suppose
to be sold on the net.Most dealers including
myself are going through a much harder time than
last year.

Whatever "Hi end "items that do sell,salesmanship
has become a key word,even on the net.I have never
gone through as many emails requesting info on a
particular piece,explaining details,answering
questions,before a sale might be closed.I think
since 9/11 and the slow recovery of the economy
has put a damper on buying any luxury items
ie.audio/video products,jewelry,ect has become a
more though out decision.

Looking at my personal emails from clients I am
getting offers that just would never even have
been considered legitimate last year at this
time.Even here on Audiogon I see items going for
less than they should be.With the problem of
inventory by manufactureres,lack of stock by
distributors, and the general nervousness of the
consumer I think this is going to be tough year.

I think outlet stores like PC richards,Circuit
City ect move merchandise but at a much less
profit margin.I have been in to # of them and they
will actualy knock off the asking price before the
customer even asking.That would never have
happened last year.On top of that you have
products that are anticipated,with great fanfare
and they just do not come.I can think of one
particular item that I have had presales for and
the wait has just been too long and the customers
are asking for their deposits back.

I am sure it will turn around,but the question is
May be the items you list are not exactly in high demand, even in the best of times. I mean, how many folks are going to jump at the chance to pay $600 for a pair of speaker jumper cables?
I will echo some of what is already said.

What is it, season and economy.

If you have a disired item, it is probably going to sell. I believe sales are seasonal.

I have a pair of TDL speakers listed for what I consider a great price, but TDL isn't widely known; I have had numerous "lookers" but no buyers. A friend listed some B&W 804's and sold them in an hour and a half.

As for seaonal, I listed an amp last year and struggled to sell it for what I wanted, a few months later and people were selling them easily at that price.
They are indeed fine speakers at an excellent price. Good luck with them.