Oh Oh- Aural issues discovered

Off I go to an audiologist as part of an aviation medical examination, to find I am down 23db at 6000hz. All other frequencies very good, just this one is problematic in both ears. Doc says it is due to noise exposure- like a loud car stereo when young, perhaps. Recurring Otitis Media can not have helped either.

Downright bloody depressing I say! Should a fellow call this never ending chase quits- get a nice 5.1 system and watch sports instead- or what?
It may depend on how long the problem existed.If for several years,it may not be to big a deal.If it was for 5 years for example,everything live in the past 5 years had the same sonics to you.If you listen to it through a nice system,it will sound the same as anything live did in the past 5 years.Adding an equalizer might make the 6000hz sound overpowering and unnatural now.
Do nothing, it's not a problem. Your brain will compensate. Definitely don't do an EQ.
I agree about the equalization. Don't do it just to fix this problem.

Your ears don't get to use an equalizer when you hear live music or sounds, so equalizing your stereo will make it sound less real, not more.

The brain is able to compensate for our sensory deficiencies to a great degree.

Do you still enjoy music for music's sake? If so, keep listening!
If it did not bother you before you knew when listening to music, why should it bother you now? Was your enjoyment any less?
Keep on listening, upgrading if desired, and let the tunes and life flow around you.