Oh no, not B&W again

I have had a lot of B&Ws of the years but the last pair I had sounded nowhere near their price tag in my opinion.I even complained to B&W about the so so sound from those things.Check my history and you will see I really knocked those 802Ds.Anyways,as you all know they recently updated the line and I was stuck with these 802D . I thought I would take a real beating on them but thought I would give the Wilson sasha a try.Then I remembered I would get full trade up from my dealer if I went with the B&W again.So I thought I would upgrade to the new series and just sell them off,perhaps I wouldn't lose quite as much and turn around and get the Sasha's.
I called the dealer up I upgraded to the new 800 diamond. After about a month I also upgraded my amps to the new bryston 7bsst2.
I will spare you all the typical audiophile details but in a word all I can say is WOW!!!!! These speakers may look the same as the old series but they sound absolutely spectacular.I was simply not prepared for the changes as they pretty much look identical to the previous D range.
I tried a few amps with them but the bryston 7bsst2 is simply a match made in heaven( imo).Don't even waist your time with low powered whimpy amps on these speakers.You will simply never realize what they are capable of.So, if you audition the new B&W 800 diamond just make sure it has a big kick-ass amp driving them.
I think B&Ws definitely require just the right amp and setup to shine! They tend to sound more blatantly lackluster than many lines otherwise in my experience. I think its that inherently unassuming "British" tonality they tend to have in spades. They can sound dreary and muddy if not driven right, kind of like the stereotypical British dreary day rather than a bright and sunny one. And, given their popularity and numbers, I think a lot of B&Ws end up running that way, ie, in a mediocre setup and running less than optimally.
How did the 800's sound on your old amplifiers that you drove your 802D's with? Did the new amps give you a new appreciation for the speakers? Also, what caused you to upgrade your amp?
I previously had the bryston 4b sst. It drove the 800 diamond without a problem.Infact it seemed to drive the 800 diamond much easier than the 802D.Then again I think the 802D was just a sluggish speaker no matter what you did with it.They sounded veiled,compressed and tubby. I switched to the bryston 7bsst2 as I had an opportunity for a fantastic deal which of course I took. The 800 diamonds already sounded very very good but the 7b sst2 took them to the next level.
Budt, besides "spectacular", what other adjectives would you use to describe the 802Di's sound? thanks
I have the 800 Diamond,not the 802 diamond.I previously owned the 802D. In comparison the 800 diamond sounds much more life like, as though a veil has been lifted. It sounds significantly faster with deep,tight, controlled bass.The sound stage is very 3 dimensional with every nuance of reverberation from the venue being audible but yet not exaggerated.The top end is the very best I have ever heard.The sound is very coherent top to bottom.Woodwinds in particular sound incredibly life like.
These of course are only my opinions.We all hear differently and have different tastes.I am only suggesting to go out and hear them if you have a chance. These are a very notable improvement over the previous series.Just make sure they have lots of power because it definitely makes a difference.
I drive my 800 Diamond with a pair of Krell Evo-1.
Not many people know this but B&W use Krell amplification to audition and test their speakers.

The new Mundorf Supreme silver/gold capacitors in them takes for ever to break in so be patience.
What other amps have people had great success with on the current big boy 800 d2 diamond.
Not to bash B&W yet again as they've been run through the ringer on this site over the years ,and rightfully so IMO.Having heard the 802d way too many times finding it just a mess in the bass and not coheriant,lack of the toetap factor with just about any backline.I did find the diamonds a step in the right direct, but certainly not a speaker I would call "audiophile" when compared to many of the top players,pick your poison.
Interesting.. Yes the current 800 series has an issue (I think they when form over function with this iteration), but to say it is not audiophile, I don't know.
Just because I can go to best buy and pick up a B&W, Mac, Sonus Faber, Wharfedale, or Martin Logan does not mean they are not hi-fi. They are just chasing the money, capitalism at its best.

The diamond tweeter is interesting. Capable of 70khz... Call me a skeptic, but if you are flat up to 20khz, I couldn't' care how high you go. 21khz you suddenly break up. good for you. Personally I will admit my hearing is pretty bad above 15k as are most people's over the age of 30.