oh no, I may have taken out half my system

I was simply hooking up my audio research cd2 cd player to my equitech balanced power conditioner - I saw a spark

now neither work or power up

today I noticed half of my newly acquired BAT VK600 is not powering up

any suggestions? fuses, new pcs,

I have a hard time believing this would have arc'd all the way over to my power amp without affecting my pre
and I seem to remember playing the power amp with a different power chord after the spark incident

I have Richard Gray in town who can check on this

major ouch

any suggestions would be helpful

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Have you checked the fuse box? It sounds like your mains took a hit.
I have three dedicated lines
other components are working
outside fuse
the power amp is back on

brilliant Timrhu
now to check the other stuff

cd player back too, equitech must have blown outside fuse
close call

Glad to hear you got it up and runiing again, I had my fingers crossed for you. I'll bet your pulse rate shot up there for awhile:)