Oh My what to do?

So two months ago I bought a set of Swan 5.2F's and 5.2R's. One of the speakers has failed, as in the bottom woofer blew, and the top midrange and tweeter are not working properly. The dealer is saying there is little they can do, but refund my money, and is now offering PSB speakers as a replacement for my Swans. I am not familiar with the brand, so looking for some input, on what I should expect as a replacement for the Swans. I will miss the beauty of these Swans to say the least!
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Hi Oak, IME the Swans are well regarded. If it were me, and I knew I would miss the Swans, then I would seriously look for another Swan dealer that you can do business with, online or elsewhere. From what's apparent to me on HiVi's website, it's not like the 5.2F's have been discontinued or anything. I take it you are saying your current dealer is telling you that he either can't (or won't?) order another set for you?? I would press him as to why not. Not like you have to be mean, but I mean I wouldn't be willing to accept such an answer without explanation. Try to verify whatever he tells you on your own, should you have any doubts. But, if you can find another dealer before your time frame for accepting his offer of your money back has passed, then I would give thought to following through with that, perhaps even if you have to pay shipping, or whatever. PSB is also a well-respected brand, too, but, if you're going to spend that much money on something, then, at least at this point, it ought to be for something that you already know you want, if at all possible, yes?? Hope this helps.
I'm sure that either Swan or their distributor would take care them under warranty for you. They can ship out replacement drivers and the swap out is pretty simple.

Try here:

What Mofi is saying is true, there should be some way of having them repaired or replaced under warranty here in the states easily enough. Didn't sink in to me in my post above that they were still under warranty...! Need more coffee...

Hmmm...on second thought, this might be an 'either/or' thing. Most company repair centers are notoriously slow (dunno about theirs). They tend to be slow because there may be other customers waiting in front of you (take a number, please...) and because most companies tend to be stingy about hiring enough employees turn things around quickly. So you might be without your set for a while. You'd also likely have to pay shipping both ways (check with HiVi to be sure of their policy on that). So maybe you're ahead of the game if you take your current dealer up on his money-back offer, should you find another source to buy them from elsewhere.
Well I have already spoke to Swan, and he was aware of my problem, as he said, "I already know of your situation from your dealer, and am still looking for a way to fix this." That was over a week ago. I did buy the Swans as Demo's at a very good price. This may be why they don't want to ship out new ones. In turn my Dealer is saying he could get me a better deal on the PSB's and I could get some PSB T6's fora little less then what I paid for the Swans, or the PSB T's for a little more.
Well... I would look at the speakers as 'not up to the torture you inflict..' (tongue in cheek)
And buy something else while you can.
If you blow the Swans up AGAIN after they fix them.. I doubt they will be as understanding as they are now.

So I would say you're best off going for the other speakers the dealer is offering.

It may be not your fault. The Swans may just not be up to your level of Rockin' out. (Or your friend who cranked them past "ELEVEN" while you were out?)
My Fender Champ's volume control is marked to twelve. It has been to that level a few times since I have owned it and the original speaker is still fine. Maybe I should check to see if it is still under warranty after fifty plus years... just to be safe.
Have you checked the available HiVi woofers at Parts-Express? Maybe they have the specific replacement.
Well, Only 1 speaker is Blown, the other two play but at a very low db. If I have the Tone set to 0 on the left side, even having the right set at 10 is not as loud as the left. To me this has to be a crossover issue, and Swan says, they do not have replacement crossovers. At this point I am fed up with Swans service, so will be returning these and try out the PSB line instead
I have owned a few pairs of PSB and thought they were excellent speakers for the money. Lenbrook owns PSB and NAD and have excellent customer service and will be there down the road....
Cool I am going to do the PSB T's. Now just deciding on the color.
I ordered the PSB T's in Gloss Black to match my VMPS sub. I am keeping the Swan 5.2R's and may use them again for a second system. He He.. my way of getting two killer system. I will let you know how they match up once I have them.
So I have had my PSB's for 2 days now, and I have to say, I am glad the Swans went bad. The PSB's are so much better. The imaging is Insane! And I hear things in my music I have never heard before. The only bad thing is, Now I want better PSB's lol