Oh My, power outages,help

We recently had a series of power outages. The first time was bad, as I leave my components on (SS amp - delayed shut off, tube pre-amp - no on/off switch, cd player, turntable & speakers). Loud noises through speakers as equipment power went off.

The second time was worse as I was listening to the stereo when the power went out. Volume level, of course was higher. Noise from the speakers was much louder, and this scared the s++t out of me. Thankfully no damage.

Is there anything I can do to safeguard my equipment, especially the speakers? The outage happened without warning, no inclement weather.
yes, I have a surge protector for electricity from the outlet to my gear. However, that doesn't do anything for me as far as protecting my speakers from power outages.
I'm saying, when the power goes out at my house, that causes the same thing as if I was shutting off, say, the pre-amp before shutting off the amp. The act of shutting down (or losing power to) the pre-amp before the amp is off causes a loud popping sound in my speakers. My amp has delayed shutoff, meaning it retains power for about 15 seconds before it is totally off. I don't see how a surge protector will help me here. I can't put a surge protector between my amp and speakers can I?
I get the same thing. When I turn off the bathroom light, I hear this popping sound from my floorstanders. I thought that I have faulty electrical wiring inside the condo but I guess this could be power surges.
A surge protector can only protect you from 1 spike or surge. Read the little manual. If you find your equipment off because of the protector buy a new one or purchase one with a replaceable module. The ones with a replaceable module are expensive and may only be available through an electrician.
used to live in a stupidly active lightning and power issue area. Would up having everything of value on battery backup. Still need to unplug them if lightning is there but for power drops it made a big difference and is not that expensive. As you leave yur gear on all the time I guess it would only help for the short term outages. no idea what so ever on the power quality vs sound quality. Staying miles away from that.
The replaceable module in surge protectors is composed of MOVs.
Metal Oxide Varisters. And they aren't expensive.
From Digikey


It's not quite true that they can protect from 'only 1 surge' but there IS a limit and they do 'wear out' from repeated smaller insults.

If I lived in a lightning prone area....say Florida, for example, I'd have a whole house surge protector backed up by point of use MOV systems.
And than be ready to unplug during really crumby weather....like all summer to use Florida as an example, again.

My power conditioner will shut things off if power goes below.....95vac, if I remember rite.
Pauls Battery backup suggestion for sag prone areas is tops.

A possible solution would involve a RELAY between amp and speakers. It is latched ON by house current. Voltage drops.....relay disconnects and amp caps can discharge at there leisure.