Oh Boy Schiit Announces 10 Tube Headphone Amp for $1799.00

This will drive the NOS tube guys crazy, 

Schiit customer buying up NOS tubes.....10 of them!




This looks like an OTL design. You need to parallel enough tubes to get a low output impedance (the purpose of an output transformer in conventional tube designs).

Even on a good day, I'm far from a Schiit fanboy. But this is cool! It's a fairly novel offering in the market. 

OTL tube headphones amps have been around for ages, and its pain points have always been limited applicability (due to high output impedance) and the resultant sound quality's extreme dependence on choice of output capacitors - where extremely large capacitance values AND high voltage ratings are required for the role. Many simply resort to using electrolytic output caps due to cost and size considerations. 

Schiit seems to have satisfactorily addressed both of these points. 

Each tube increases chance for noise

With paralleled output tubes, this hardly matters. The SNR spec 90dB / 100dB is excellent. You won’t hear any noise unless you grossly mismatch this amp to an IEM. It would be a different story if this was a preamp using all the tubes to stack gain a mile high (most likely to be thrown away by the volume control).

Something like an ES Lab ES-R10 would be a good real-world test of noise floor audibility for this unit - 32 ohms, extremely sensitive (for a full size headphone), and a great sounding headphone with a price matching the amp. I expect it would be dead quiet.