Official Black Friday 2018 Thread

Anyone know if there will be good deals on Audio Equipment at Bestbuy, MusicDirect, Crutchfield, Amazon etc?

CNET just released a list of deals on a few electronics at the big stores like Walmart and Home Depot.  Mostly things like TVs and PS4s.  I myself am hoping to grab a HT Bypass Integrated somewhere online.  Not sure if I'll have any luck, but if I can save some money during these tight months (Newborn in the house!) I'll be psyched. 

Please share any and all Audio Related deals you find.  I don't know how many of the Mom and Pop shops will be selling gear on their websites, but I'm sure that any attention on here will help us all save a buck and help all of the small HiFi stores get into the Black!

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Really love that album/your handle.
Thanks.  I like Moon Safari better, but I thought it was a perfect name for this site back when I signed up.  
Yesterday on Yahoo, there was an article about Best Buy's Black Friday specials and showed everything  that will be on sale.
Not that it’s related to Black Friday, but Upscale Audio is still selling the Musical Fidelity M2Si at $599 which I’m told is a phenomenal price.  
Decware is having a 10% off sale on black friday.
Never heard of Decware.  I’ll check it out.
Elac is going 50% off on a range of speakers, so is Klipsch.
Cary Audio has 20% off today! SLP-05 for $6500!!!
Kudos to Cary Audio! Wish more manufacturers on Black Friday would auth 25% off for newbies with no connection. If anyone wants to sell me a CJ et3se for 25% off direct message me!
Cary is always discounted if you look through some online dealerships. 
I always try to remember to play my LP with "Black Friday" by Steely Dan on Black Friday...this has zero to do with shopping but hey...tradition is tradition!  
Quite a few of the companies that do direct sales are having 10%-25% off this weekend.Just gotta browse and search em out. 
Yes, Cary is discounted if you choose a certain level of service  but for Black Friday they stacked another  25% off! If I haven't  bought something  already  I would definitely have bought something! Thanks Cary for giving back to the Audio community!👊