Office speakers?

AT home I have a Mac tube amp 2102 with a mac pre 2200. My signal comes from a trivista SACD and ends with the Sonus Cremonas and Auditors...

At work I spend most of my time behind a couple of computers with dual monitors... and listen to some computer speakers with a cheap woofer... I am thinking about changing that. I am pretty set on the Rotel 1062 int. and the rotel 1072 CD Player... I am open to some synergy here...with regards to speakers. :) They have to be small, because I will set them along side the monitors. My thoughts are Epos 3's or 5. Perhaps something a little forward and swift such as the Proac or perhaps even the Totem Arrows or the spendors. Placement will be a problem and I know soundstage probably will not happen in my space... I could eventually get two sets and then use the AB switch on the integrated to play the ones I am sitting in front of... Any suggestions.. comments?
I'm using a pair of M&K CR-2401s sitting on a couple stacks of laser printer paper on either side of my computer monitor. Subwoofer is an M&K K-9. Electronics is a Cambridge D500SE CD player, NHT PVC, M&K BMC Mini and ATI AT602 amp. The soundstage and imaging is there, but scaled accordingly to the spacing of the speakers. The first thing I noticed when I put the system together is how just the slightest head movement affects imaging.

The M&K K-17 is the consumer version of the CR-2401 and can probably be ordered through the M&K direct web site.
We have found the Usher S520 to be an excellent near-field loudspeaker. They are front ported (can snug them close to the wall), shielded (for monitor protection), mirrored tweeter arrangment, stellar build quality and excellent tonality. As a matter of fact, we have them in the use in out entry of our store (flanking a computer using an integrated and hard drive and iPod for source). They ae the first thing the customer sees and hears. Pretty remarkable sound for $400.00 per pair...

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I kind of ran a similar thread a few months back....

I was doing the same thing as you==a 2nd system of sorts and looking for "decent sound". I ended up w/ some spica's with stands. Driving it with a Mcintosh 1700 receiver. The suggestions were above & like you were thinking, some proac tablettes or old rogers ls3 or something. Good luck & you'll end up with a nice system.
Bob, you've been mentioning M&K a lot lately. It's strikes me as odd because almost no one talks about them, yet they have been around for a long time.

Do you have a lot of experience with them, or do you have a friend that is a dealer for them?
Thanks Guys... I just took a peek at the ushers and picked up a review from stereophile. I can not use stands at this point - so I will have to set them next to the monitors... They are knocking out a wall and I will get stretched out a bit - but... THe old Rogers would be fun.
I love the M&K size but don't see much on them... Would be nice to hear...

It would be nice to have a couple of monitors for a different interpretation of the music... That's why I really want the AB switch...

Thanks and keep the advice coming.. :)
S7horton, LOL!! Yep, I seem to be the M&K cheerleader on the forum. It's true that they don't really exist as far as the high-end is concerned. They make zero effort to advertise. They don't release new products every year. They've been doing the same thing for several decades. They are very pragmatic.

I had never heard of them until a few years ago when I started looking for a subwoofer. I remembered that Richard Hardesty had picked them, along with Vandersteen and Bag End, as the best music subs when he had done his 2 year sub review for Widescreen Magazine.

I visited with Barry Ober the M&K support/sound guru quite a bit. I bought the M&K MPS-5310 sub and LFE-4 bass management controller without ever hearing them to mate with a pair of Spendor S8e speakers. That went so well that when I started looking to build a system for my office I thought I'd try a pair of M&K monitors. Again, I bought them without hearing them -- simply on reputation. For less than $600, the CR-2401s were so close to my Spendor S8es that I decided to replace the Spendors with the M&K reference monitors. So I bought a pair of S-150 THX without hearing them. At $1000 less than the Spendors, I was amazed at how much better the M&Ks were.

The pro audio dealer I have made all these purchases from was selected strictly on location. He's in Austin, TX and I'm six hours away in Lafayette, LA. I've never met him, but I would now consider him a friend. Very nice guy.

I hope this clears up any questions about my enthusiasm for M&K products. I think they make excellent products at very reasonable prices. Customer support has been excellent as well.

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I've heard very good things about these:

Swans Diva, $200/pr. new, there's a pair on Agon right now for $170:
I would second the recommendation for the Usher 520's. Another small speaker I own and like even more is the Soliloquy SAT 5. It's harder to find because Soliloquy is out of business but it's a great small speaker.
I have Sat-5's and can recommend them highly as well. Definitely a solid step above the Epos 3's. A significant step above the Soliloquy's, but at a price, I recently was very imressed by Era Design 5 speakers. The sounds that come from those tiny boxes are nothing short of amazing. They'll definitely give you a fuller range than the Sat 5's or Epos 3. There's also a very small Dali speaker that does similar wonders at a price, but I can't recall which one.

Well thank you all very much... I ended up buying the Onix SP3 Mk2, Music hall cd25, and the Quad 11s. I grabbed the wireworld oasis 5 for interconnects and it's companion for the speaker wire... I have not ventured into to power cords yet, but am interested in some isolation items... I puchased some iso nodes for the amp and cd player and would like to stack them but think I have spent enough money already... :) Probably will just pick up another set of speakers in the future... maybe some Majico minis... :) I will try to check your recomendations out marco...