Office Separates System????

I've never had separates before but I just upgraded my home theater speakers such that a pair of vienna acoustic Haydns ended up in my office. I'm thinking it might be fun to set up my office system with separates.

I don't need a ton of power because it will mostly be used at background music level. I am totally amenable (in fact probably prefer) to used equipment and I don't want to spend a lot of money (I'm not going to suggest a budget but if you could give me a sense of how much what you are suggesting would cost that would be great).

I think I will only be playing CDs and satellite radio (probably don't need a tuner -- hard to get am & fm but XM satellite works great (although not overly impressed with sound quality)).

I'd love to hear your suggestions.
ASL Wave AV-20 monoblocks, small ASL pre, Proceed shoebox player.
Cambridge Audio integrated (or NAD) and CD500 se. Classe makes an all in one unit like the Linn (a copy) that's been discontinued, but still some units available.
Plenty of choices.... I'll give you some ideas of various set-ups I've had over the years.

Started with a NAD7100 receiver and Cambridge CD4 CDP with a pair of B&W DM302's. The 302's were upgraded to 601's (briefly tried some Celestion 600's but they were near impossible to drive). Staying with the 601's I went with Audio Refinement Complete integrated, CDP, and tuner. I moved into a larger office so I changed the B&W's for a pair of Martin Logan Aerius, Classe DR-8 amp and Thirty Preamp, SystemDek IIx turntable with stock arm and Shure cartridge, Audio Refinement CDP and tuner. Goertz interconnect and speaker wire. This was one helluva an office system, total cost was around $4000. Got laid off so the system went home.

Next job I went with something much simpler; ProAc tablette speakers, Linn Classik, Target TT1 shelf, QED Silver Anniversary biwire speaker cable. This system was about $2000. Company folded, brought this home too.

My current office system is quite humble but I like it for background listening. Proton 930 receiver, Micromega Leader CDP, NHT SuperOne's, Goertz interconnect, QED Silver anniversary wire. This system cost roughly $1000

Price points, physical space, and employer's tolerance all play a role. It is a lot of fun putting together systems like this. Have you thought about using your amp/preamp from your main system and upgrading your big rig?
Are you talking about a commercial office or a home office?
My commercial office system is in my system link below.
My home office uses Conrad Johnson Pre, Blue Circle Amp, Stan Warren DVD, B&W CDM-1's, Music Hall turntable, and a vintage Kenwood tuner.
NAD makes an all-in-one CD unit and DVD unit.