Office Meeting Room Buildout

A friend is building out a room to be used as a meeting room. He wants an acoustic sliding panel to be able to split the two rooms. Size of the room will be 25 x 36.


1. What types of speakers would you recommend. He would prefer in wall or in ceiling.

2. Any suggestions as to electronics to be able to split the room speakers for two conference rooms or use as one.

Any suggestions on these topics or others you would think are helpful or any useful websites.


As for speakers, I'd recommend any of the Tannoy dual-concentric ceiling speakers or in wall speakers. Also, Electrovoice EVID speakers sound very nice as well.

As for electronics, your best bet would probably be Xantech. They make a whole line of very reasonably priced multi-room equipment. You can easily accomplish what you are trying to do here, just go to the Xantech site and look around. If you don't understand what the products do, e-mail the Xantech sales guys and tell them your situation. They'll design you a simple little system to fit your needs. And they are WAY cheaper than Crestron/AMX. Cheers!